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Fifteen Weird and Wonderful Infinite Craft Recipes That Are Just Made Up Words

Infinite Craft, with various words on a board.
Image: Neal

Infinite Craft is an odd but addictive ‘crafting’ game that has you combining things to make other things, then combining those to make others. Earth + Wind = Dust, Water + Dust = Mud, Mud + Earth = Swamp, you get the idea. But sometimes, Infinite Craft uses made up words for its recipes, and we absolutely love it.

If you’re old enough to remember The Meaning of Liff, penned by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Sure, some of the words Infinite Craft makes up are absolute nonsense, but other times they’re words that feel like they should exist. Take ‘Hooticane’, which is absolutely an owl-based sequel to Sharknado. Or what about ‘Fancalibur’, a Knights of the Round Table groupie?

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We’ve been messing around with Infinite Craft and, thanks to Infinite Craft Solver, poking around in the game’s guts. Hooticane and Fancalibur aside, we’ve picked out our fifteen favourite made up Infinite Craft words, along with the recipes for making each of them.

  • Baconzilla = Bacon + Komodo Dragon
  • Beeramid = Beer + Palm
  • Dadanaconda = Anaconda + Dad
  • Dandude = Dandelion + Dude
  • Fancalibur = Excalibur + Fan
  • Grandmax = Grandma + Maximum
  • Helisushi = Helicopter + Sushi
  • Hooticane = Hooter + Hurricane
  • Hoovercraft = Vacuum + Yacht
  • Hugpdate = Hugs + Update
  • Pterodate = Date + Pterodactyl
  • Sadboil = Boil + Saddest
  • Sexyelling = Sex + Yelling
  • Shattercation = Shatter + Vacation
  • Unicornicopia = Herd of Unicorns + Rocky Crashicoot

What do your brains make of these? Sadboil, we reckon, is the act of making spaghetti solo when you’ve just been dumped. And Dandude is what happens if you try inhaling dandelions instead of blowing on them.

Want to dive into Infinite Craft? The game is free-to-play, in-browser, and you can find it here. And check out Infinite Solver, which will give you a hand making items. It’s only sort of cheating. Who knows what ridiculous linguistic oddities you’ll uncover? Enjoy.

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