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Disney Dreamlight Valley Germs Abound

How to complete Germs Abound in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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We’re here to help you complete the Germs Abound quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So if you’re stuck, read on to find out what to do!

The Germs Abound quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Mike Wazowski’s level two friendship quest. Once he’s in your village and you’ve levelled up your friendship by one step (talk to him and give him a few flowers), you can begin Germs Abound. Talk to him: it seems he’s suffering from hay fever from all the plants in the valley. Oh no. He asks you to get him some safety goggles from Scrooge, which will hopefully help.

Head to Scrooge’s store and talk to Scrooge. Choose the ‘I’d like to buy some items’ option, then clothing. There’s a filter in there for Mike’s quest, but it doesn’t seem to work right now: we opted to buy the yellow goggles costing 30,000 coins.

Make Mike Wazowski some Monstrous De-Pollinator Solution

Put the goggles on yourself, then go talk to Mike. He now needs you to make him some allergy medicine — but it contains some very strange ingredients. Here’s what you need:

  • Something slimy and cold from Mickey’s House – Open Mickey’s fridge and you’ll find ‘suspicious fridge gunk’. Gross.
  • Something in Goofy’s house that long ago was wriggly and tantalising – Look in Goofy’s bedside cabinet and you’ll find ‘desiccated fishing bait’. Yuck.
  • Something stashed and covered for ages from Merlin’s library – Look in Merlin’s bag on his desk and take the ‘ancient crumbs’.

Once you’ve got everything, return to Mike. Now, go into your inventory and apply the Monstrous De-Pollinator Solution to your watering can. Test it out by watering 10 random flowers around the village. Any naturally-growing flows will do!

We think you’re supposed to pick them when you’re done to then give them to Mike, but our game allowed us to give him any flowers from our inventory. If you’ve got stuff in there you need for other quests, be careful and maybe stash some stuff away in a chest first.

Find Mike’s contact lens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unfortunately, Mike’s still allergic to the flowers — and he’s sneezed out his contact lens too. Head down to Dazzle Beach to find it. You’re looking for big globs of snot — grim — which will lead the way to Mike’s contact lens. If you want, you can clean them up as you go with your watering can. You’ll find his lens at the end of the trail sticking out of the sand, but you can just pick it straight up.

Take it back to Mike: let’s hope he rubs that sand off before he uses it again.

Craft a mask of Roz’s face

Now it’s time for a fetch quest (huzzah). It’s to make a mask of Roz’s face: you know, she’s from Monsters Inc. You’ll need:

  • 15x fabric (you’ll need 5x cotton for each fabric, craftable from any workbench)
  • 23x rope (each rope requires 8x fiber, which in turn needs seaweed to craft)
  • 25x softwood (the most common wood, found all over Dreamlight Valley)

Once you’ve got everything, craft the mask at a workbench. You’ll find it in the Functional Items section. Now to put on the mask and wear a red top. If you don’t have one, pay a visit to Scrooge’s store: the ones in our inventory that looked red are actually orange.

When you’ve got the outfit on, to and talk to Mike. That’s it: you’ve completed Germs Abound in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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