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Go Fight Fantastic! screenshot

EXCLUSIVE: Hack and Slash Adventure Go Fight Fantastic! Has a March Release Date

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We’ve got some exciting and exclusive news to share with you all this Saturday afternoon. Dinomite Games and Kinda Brave Entertainment have revealed the release date of their gorgeous-looking co-op hack and slash game, Go Fight Fantastic!. It’s coming to PC in a matter of weeks, with a release date set as 26th March.

Go Fight Fantastic has a six-chapter story mode that will see players fight through a range of enemies, using a multitude of skills. There are four players to choose between, and each one has their own arsenal. You’ll likely recognise their classes, as each one is based upon a tank, healer, striker and archer.

Thanks to random elements such as the environments you find yourself in, upgrade options that become available and the enemies you’re up against, every time you play through Go Fight Fantastic! it’ll be slightly different. It gives even its story mode (hopefully) endless replayability – but if you do get bored of that, there’s an endless Horde Mode, where you can go hack-and-slash your way to a high score.

Watch the video below to see story mode gameplay from Go Fight Fantastic:

As nice as all that sounds, though, we think it’s the art style that’s won us over the most. Go Fight Fantastic! sports a colourful, 2D hand-drawn art style that’s absolutely full of life. Enemies are bold and your player characters are even bolder. The world you find yourself in – Bird Planet – is beautifully designed, too, and from what we can see from the trailer above, it’s simply begging to be explored.

Alexander Benitez, the CEO of publisher Kinda Brave Entertainment described Go Fight Fantastic! as “[capturing] the spirit of teamwork and co-operation”. We love a good co-op game here at GameSpew, and so we’re eager to try this one out.

Go Fight Fantastic screenshot
Image: Dinomite Games/Kinda Brave

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be played alone, of course. If single player is more your style, Go Fight Fantastic! has been designed to cater for all types of players. With friends, each one of you can take on the role of a different character, making use of all abilities. But if you’re playing solo, you can switch between characters on the fly, allowing you to have access to different skills as and when you need them.

Fancy trying out Go Fight Fantastic! for yourself? There’s a free demo to try on Steam right now. Even if you’ve played it before, it’s worth trying again: it’s been updated with new content, just in time for Steam’s Remote Play Together event. Because, as it turns out, a co-op hack-and-slash game is the perfect game to play via Remote Play.

Be sure to add Go Fight Fantastic! to your wishlist if cute and colourful hack-and-slash games are your cup of tea (and why wouldn’t they be?). It’s out on 26th March, and the free demo will be available to download until 19th February.

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