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How to Get More Grenades in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Find out how to get grenades in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League so you can blow your enemies to bits.

Like in most games, grenades are very useful in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Thanks to their immense power and area of effect, they’re capable of taking down multiple enemies at once. Later in the game they can inflict Afflictions, too. You can only carry a few grenades at any given time, however, and so you might be wondering how you get more.

Getting more grenades in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is something you don’t have to worry about for the most part. Many will be dropped as you defeat enemies in battle – just look for the bright green grenade pickups and move near them to pick them up. Sometimes you can easily replenish your resources such as ammo and grenades by interacting with objects such as friendly vehicles during escort missions, too. There are some missions, however, where you can only kill enemies with grenades, and you’re sure to run out of them fast. How do you replenish them then?

In missions where you can only kill enemies with grenades, you’ll actually be told how you can get them before the mission starts. If you’ve missed the heads-up, though, it’s simple. Standard Grunt enemies can be knocked down with melee attacks to make a grenade pop out of them. When it comes to larger Brute enemies, however, you need to use Counter Shots to make them drop extra grenades. Simply wait for them to be vulnerable, then Counter Shot them by holding the left trigger to aim and then shooting by holding the right shoulder button. Should your aim be true, you’ll disrupt their attack and see multiple grenades now yours for the picking.

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