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How to unlock Monsters Inc.’s Mike and Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mike and Sully - Monsters Inc update
Image: Gameloft

Thanks to the latest update, a new realm has been added to Disney Dreamlight Valley: Monsters Inc.! And with that, Mike and Sulley are now in the game. Here’s how to unlock Mike and Sulley in Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Mike and Sulley into your valley is actually pretty easy. The only obstacle? Having enough Dreamlight. It costs 15,000 Dreamlight to open up the Monsters. Inc realm door, and so if you don’t have enough you’ll need to get earning. Check your Dreamlight Duties in the game’s main menu: that’s the easiest way to earn Dreamlight. You’ll also earn it by completing certain missions.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you’re free to come and go out of Monsters. Inc realm as you please. Before you can bring Mike and Sulley to your Dreamlight Valley, however, there are two missions you need to complete:

Click on through to see our detailed guides to completing each mission.

Once you’ve completed Eye on the Prize, you’ll get to bring Mike and Sulley into your valley. Again, there’s another cost involved: the coins to pay Scrooge to build their house. It’s a little expensive at 20,000 coins. If you need help raising money, we’ve got a handy guide on earning coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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