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Be a Beekeeper, Broadcaster and More With This Humble Indie Bundle, $149 of Games For Just $10

A newscaster next to a fox and an anime girl throwing cards. Some bees are flying in, all games from this Indie Humble Bundle.
Images: Not For Broadcast, Endling: Extinction is Forever and One Step From Eden

Ever wanted to take up beekeeping? Keep a news show from going horribly wrong? Or maybe you’d like to guide a family of foxes through a failing world? All that and more is at your fingertips thanks to this Humble Exceptional Indie Allies Bundle.

For just $10/£8, you can snag seven superb indie PC games, most of which are rated 90%+ on Steam. Plus, some of your money will go to support the work of npower, a non-profit that’s dedicated to “advancing race and gender equity in the tech industry”.

Redeemed via Steam, the bundle spans a whole range of topics and genres. There’s just the one tier, so pay your $10/£8 and these games are yours to keep:

If we had to pick a favourite out of these offerings, it’d be Not For Broadcast. This FMV-heavy satire puts you in charge of a news studio during a time of political upheaval. In our Not For Broadcast review, we described it as “Entertaining, funny and thought-provoking in all the right places.”

Get $149 worth of top-rated indie games for just $10

Humble’s Exceptional Indie Allies is a real steal, a bundle of 7 top-rated games for just $10. Whether you’re into beekeeping or fancy an adventure in the deep south, snap this deal up before it’s gone.

It’s extremely silly when it needs to be, but it gets progressively more harrowing as events unfold until.. well, you’ll have to play it to find out. And unlike some FMV-based games, your decisions matter, both in the studio and at home. You choose who to censor, how to frame the ruling party’s message and, when events catch up with you, how your own family fares.

The utterly adorable Endling: Extinction comes a close second. Who wouldn’t want to guide the cutest family of foxes to safety? We’re sure nothing will ever happen to them. Honest.

$149 of games for just $10, the Humble Exceptional Indie Allies Bundle is available until February 23rd, or until keys run out, whichever is sooner.

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