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Superliminal, a room with two giant chess pieces and three large number blocks in it.

Get Seven Brilliant Puzzle Games, Superliminal, The Pedestrian and More, For Just $15

Want to tax your brain? Then this new Humble Bundle Mind-Bending Masterpieces puzzle bundle is for you, and it’s ridiculously good value at just $15/£11.75 for 7 PC puzzlers.

We’ve not played every single game in this Humble Bundle puzzle bundle but there are some absolute stonkers, including the amazing Superliminal, which we called “a hell of a ride”. It certainly messes with your head, with objects shrinking and growing depending on how you hold them.

There’s also the excellent The Talos Principle, The Witness and the Escher-style Manifold Garden.The Pedestrian has you moving around road signs while the Talos Principle turns you into a wandering android, discovering a world that’s.. you know, we’re not going to spoil it.

Humble Bundle's Mind-Bending Masterpieces puzzle bundle.

Get seven mind-bending puzzlers for just $15/£11.75

Want a game that’ll really tax your grey matter? Humble Bundle’s Mind-Bending Mastepieces bundle gives you Superliminal, The Pedestrian and five other gems for just $15/£11.75.

Here’s every game included in the bundle.

Your $15 also goes to support charity, in this case the work of The Global Foodbanking Network. Though, as several have pointed out, unless you go into the Adjust Donation box, that amount is a little on the low side. By default, GFN only gets £1/$1.25, and playing with the sliders lets you raise that as high as $21.25/£17.

All the games are redeemed via Steam and most are rated 90%+ on that same platform. There’s also a lower 5 game tier, though that means missing out on Patrick’s Parabox and Taiji. You can get the Humble Bundle Mind-Mending Masterpieces Bundle here, available till the end of the month or until keys run out.

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