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Now on console, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale remains an impressive tactical RPG

It was back in May 2022 that we reviewed King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on PC, calling it “a treat for those who love RPGs they can sink their teeth into.” Now it’s available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and after going hands-on with the PS5 version we can confirm that it’s just as good as ever.

For those unfamiliar with the game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale actually puts players in control of Sir Mordred. In a war with King Arthur he actually bested him, but in landing his killing blow he was also mortally wounded. Inexplicably, King Arthur is now back from the dead, and he’s not quite himself. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and so the Lady of the Lake entrusts the future of Camelot to Sir Mordred, urging him to hunt King Arthur down and kill him once more.

It’s this twist that really opens up King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, allowing you to shape Sir Mordred how you wish. Do you play on his ruthless and some would say evil side, bringing a dark future to Camelot? Or do you use this opportunity to be softer and more considerate, becoming the leader that people admire rather than fear? The choice is yours.

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Also your choice is whether you favour the Old Faith or embrace Christianity. Your leanings, as well as other choices you make along the way shape your party, with certain characters only joining you under their conditions. It means that King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a game with plenty of replayability — you could have multiple playthroughs, each time with a largely different party.

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That being said, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale isn’t the type of game where you reach the end of the story and that’s it, there’s nothing left to do. It has plenty of endgame content, allowing you to carry on with your party, facing powerful new threats and challenges while growing ever stronger. You do have to be careful, though, as playing on most difficulty levels death can be a permanent thing. Eventually you might find yourself forced to give up due to your powerful allies meeting their demise.

Ultimately though, it’s the engaging gameplay of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale that is its biggest asset. Combining elements of traditional and turn-based tactical RPGs, you get to explore environments, seeking out loot and more in-between engaging in bouts of violent conflict. When it comes to combat, there’s nothing particularly new or deep here, with characters able to move or perform multiple actions each time in accordance with their action points.

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Of course, there are various character classes, each with their own strengths and weakness. Each character has unique skills at their disposal, too, as well as more to learn as they level up. Perhaps the most unique thing here is the game’s health and armour system, with certain attacks unable to really cause much damage to enemies while they still have armour to protect them, and all characters having an amount of stamina to deplete before attacks start to eat into their valuable HP. It’s here where characters can start to pick up troublesome injuries.

Having spent plenty of time with the PS5 version of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, we’re happy to report that it offers the same experience that’s also found on PC, with controls that work extremely well on console. Two graphics options are available, with Quality offering a 4K presentation at 30 fps, and Performance aiming for 60 fps at 1440p. Being the type of game that it is, playing at 4K is probably the best option here, too.

If you like dark fantasy worlds, role-playing or tactical battles, then King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is well worth checking out on console. And if you like all three, you should probably consider it a must-have. It may not be the deepest game, mechanically-speaking, but it makes up for it with the amount of freedom it gives you when it comes to what type of leader you want to be. And with its lengthy campaign bolstered by endgame content and more, there’s plenty to go at.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale

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