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Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion in front of a Lego Dungeons and Dragons Gelatinous Cube.

Lego Dungeons and Dragons is Happening, Now Where’s Our Baldur’s Gate 3 Set?

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Lego has plenty of heroes and monsters to play with. But it’s been confirmed we’re now getting official Dungeons and Dragons Lego and we’re hoping this leads to a full-on Baldur’s Gate 3 set.

Lego has yet to reveal the nature of these offerings, whether they’ll be full sets, small minifigures or a combination of both. The teaser shows a skeleton inside a Gelatinous Cube, so you can bet Lego will be taking the opportunity to reuse that minifig.

And, from general Dungeons and Dragons, it’s surely a short leap to a proper BG3 Lego set, based on the ludicrously popular PC and console RPG. Fans have already tried creating Brickheadz BG3 figures, but we’d pay good money for a Karlach or Astarion minifig.

Surprisingly, there’s are no active Lego Ideas Baldur’s Gate 3 submissions though there are plenty of general fantasy/DnD style ones. This DnD Inn is nearly halfway to getting evaluated by Lego. And, skeletons aside, there are plenty of existing Lego pieces, such as this Medieval Town Square set, that could be repurposed for an official DnD set.

We’ll have to wait to find out, however. Lego’s tweet confirms the Dungeons and Dragons collaboration is happening but details, the possible existence of a Lego Baldur’s Gate 3 set included, are thin on the ground.

We’d expect more information to arrive over the next couple of months. Here’s hoping that, this time next year, we’ll be hoarding Mind Flayer minifigs. And if not? Give us a handful of regular DnD minifigures, and a Lego octopus or two, and we’ll work something out.

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