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Mega Man Humble Bundle - Mega Man with several other characters around him.

Get 25 Mega Man Games For Just $20 With This Humble Bundle

Whether you’re a Mega Man fan or you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, this PC Mega Man Humble Bundle is an absolute steal. For just $20/£15.68, you’ll get six items that, between them, include 25 Mega Man games.

That’s over 35 years of Mega Man history, from 1987’s Mega Man, right through to 2018’s Mega Man 11. There’s still no release date for Mega Man 12, but Capcom wants to take their time with that one.

Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is one of the most iconic platform characters of all time, second only to Sonic and Mario. A blue-suited robot, he fights the forces of the evil Dr. Wily, who invariably bends the other robots of the world to his will. The series is also famous for its ridiculous boss robot names, including Wood Man, Pharaoh Man and more.

Humble Bundle's Mega Man Bundle

Get 36 years of Mega Man history for just $20

Whether you’ve missed out on Mega Man’s adventures or just want to revisit them, this is a great deal. For just $20, you can snag 25 Mega Man games, up to and including the excellent Mega Man 11.

So just what’s included in this collection? There are three tiers and the top $20 tier gets you these:

That’s 25 titles, all redeemable via Steam. Or if you just want a taste of Mega Man’s adventures, the $2 tier gets you the Mega Man Legacy Collection, containing the first six Mega Man games. To snag this deal, head over to Humble now. And if you’re after more great deals, check out these other Humble offers.

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