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How to complete Monster Movie Night in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Monster Movie Night Disney Dreamlight Valley
Screenshot: GameSpew / Copyright: Gameloft

Do you need help completing the Monster Movie Night quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

Monster Movie Night is Sulley’s level two friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you’ve reached the required friendship level (simply talk to him and give him a few flowers as gifts), talk to him to begin the quest. He wants to put on a movie night, but couldn’t talk to Scrooge to get what he needs. No worries: you said you’ll help him out.

Go and talk to Scrooge. He’ll tell you he doesn’t do video rentals anymore: he never got enough of them back. Tssk. He tells you of a video he thinks would be perfect for Monster Movie Night — but it’s still with one of the other villagers. It’s either Ursula, Mickey or Goofy.

How to find the video tape

Talk to Mickey first: he’s the one who had the tape. He remembers leaving it in a “deep and dark place at the Beach”. Hmm. We know a place just like that.

Head into the beach cave and walk all the way down the bottom. You’ll find a video tape sticking out of the ground: use your shovel on it to get it free. Return to Sulley with the tape.

Craft a Big Scream TV for Monster Movie Night

Now, Sulley asks you to make a Big Scream TV for the movie night. You’ll need:

  • 50x Fiber
  • 20x Softwood
  • 10x Glass

Softwood can be found just about anywhere in the valley: it’s the most common type of wood. Glass can be made with sand (dug from the beach) and coal ore (mined from any rock). And finally, fiber can be made with seaweed. If you need seaweed, the easiest way to get it is by fishing outside of circles in any body of water.

Once you’ve got all the materials, head to a workbench. You’ll find the Big Scream TV in the ‘Functional Items’ section. When you’ve made it, return to Sulley.

Dress up for the occasion

Next, talk to Mike. Apparently, there’s a dress code for Monster Movie Night. Huh. You need to be suitably cosy and scary. Mike suggests you wear blue, since it’s Sulley’s favourite colour. So any blue casual pants and top will do. But you need specific slippers: “Scarer Sulley” slippers.

Head to Scrooge’s store to buy them. Interact with Scrooge and choose “I’d like to buy some items”. Select Clothing, then select Shoes. Buy the big monster feet slippers — you’ll need 10,000 coins (expensive much, Scrooge?!).

Once you’re suitably dressed, return to Sulley. All that’s left to do is find somewhere to place the Big Scream TV in the valley: use furniture mode to place it anywhere you’d like. Talk to Sulley one last time and you’re done with the Monster Movie Night quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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