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Normal Fishing demo screenshot

Normal Fishing is Absolutely, Completely, Totally Normal (And Tremendous Fun)

Fishing? Check. Silly characters? Check. Horrific nightmarish creatures? Um, no, definitely not. Developed by The Bworg, Normal Fishing is a completely simple, easy and totally average fishing game where nothing strange or terrifying happens at all. Players are tasked with collecting fish throughout the day and selling them in the evening to earn money for their family. Purchase upgrades to make fishing easier and enjoy the relaxing, tranquility of a simple life.

Okay, we both know that’s all lies. Bet we had you going there for a second though. While Normal Fishing may appear simplistic on the surface, it’s actually got some sinister secrets to be revealed as players progress through its story. We’ve spent some time with the game’s Steam Next Fest demo, and this strange little game has quickly shot to the top of our “must play” list.

Normal Fishing starts out, well, normally: you’ll venture into the nearby lake and grab some of the local fish to sell. You’ll be able to collect a variety of fish each worth different prices depending on the size and type. The money that you make each day is used to purchase upgrades for your rods, boat and later, weapons. 

Normal Fishing demo screenshot
Image: The Bworg

When entering the fishing mini-game players will move their hook forward, back, up and down avoiding garbage and other obstacles and shooting bait pellets at their target fish. Each pellet will move the fish closer to the hook. Once a fish has been caught, players must reel the fish in by completing another mini-game where they must press their action button on the lit up portion of the reel.

The difficulty of these two mini-games vary depending on the size and type of fish being caught. Unfortunately, this lake is riddled with garbage and if you accidentally catch trash instead, you can still sell it – but it doesn’t bring in a lot of cash. 

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Along the way, players will meet a variety of strange characters. Perhaps the strangest is the protagonist’s wife, who speaks in broken English and seems to only care about money. Relatable, but weird. There’s also a chap called Otis and a young fellow fisherman who will let players practice fishing without spending any time in their day. Along with normal fishing, players are also able to look at the town’s bulletin board for any news or information on special fish that have been spotted in the area. 

Eventually as players progress in Normal Fishing, they’ll begin to notice that things aren’t quite what they seem in this small little town. Toxic waste gets dropped in the water causing mutations; there are robot fish swimming around; people are starting to look kind of sickly and there are undead pirates!

Suddenly the protagonist has gone from an average, normal fisherman to a gun-wielding hero just trying to keep the lake safe for everyone. Those aren’t the only strange occurrences we’ve encountered over the course of the hour-long demo – but we won’t spoil the rest.

Perhaps the best thing about Steam Next Fest is uncovering games that we’ve never heard of before that end up completely blowing us away. And, despite its unassuming name, Normal Fishing is one of those games for us. There are so many unexpected twists and turns, plus genuinely fun fishing mechanics, and we absolutely can’t wait to see what’s in store for it upon full release. 

Be sure to give Normal Fishing’s demo a try while you can. The full game is set to release “soon”.

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