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Strange Horticulture

One of 2022’s Best Games is Finally Coming to PlayStation

Remember Strange Horticulture? This weird, uncanny little puzzle game landed on PC in January 2022, and has since released on Switch and Xbox. No sign of a PS4 or PS5 release, though. Until now: Strange Horticulture is on its way to PlayStation on 23rd February. Finally!

We absolutely loved Strange Horticulture, and indeed named it as one of the best games of 2022. It was in good company, along with incredible games like Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok. But this curious little indie game all about plants absolutely stole our hearts, and we lapped up every moment we spent with it.

In Strange Horticulture, you take on the role of a flower shop owner in England’s Lake District. But this isn’t quite the picturesque Lake District you know in the real world: it’s a mysterious, eerie place where its residents want plants and flowers with strange, mystical properties. That’s where you come in.

By reading your textbooks, examining plants and labelling them up correctly, you’ll need to serve each customer as well as you can. You’ll also need to occasionally venture out into the surrounding areas, using your map, in order to seek out new materials and solve various puzzles. It’s a dark, cosy journey into the macabre – and we loved every moment of it.

In our Strange Horticulture review, in which we scored the game a 9/10, we said: “There’s something so very enthralling about Strange Horticulture; the way it lets you take the lead and figure out everything by yourself will really appeal to those with an analytical mind… Something very special awaits for those curious enough to enter Strange Horticulture.”

If that sounds good – and it absolutely should – be sure to pick Strange Horticulture up on PlayStation on 23rd February. If you can’t wait, it’s available now on PC, Switch and Xbox.

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