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Please Touch the Artwork 2

Please Touch the Artwork 2’s Demo Leaves a Lasting Impression

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to jump inside of a painting? Please Touch the Artwork 2 makes that dream become a reality in the very best ways. 

Please Touch the Artwork 2 from Developer Thomas Waterzooi is a casual hidden object game where players explore a variety of paintings crafted from works by James Ensor, a Belgian Modern artist. The goal is to collect items for each painting’s silly inhabitants. Players take on the role of a skeleton painter trying to find his way home: he certainly feels out of place in the vibrant and unique paintings that he’s exploring. 

Navigating around the paintings is very easy. Players are able to click to move their skeleton friend around, taking in the sights and sounds of each picture. In certain paintings there will be characters asking players to help them find a number of particular objects. It might be buckets or bottles, but sometimes these items aren’t easy to find. Some objects are hidden across multiple paintings or even behind other puzzles – like a seek-and-find game where players must find the differences between two paintings set side-by-side.

Please Touch the Artwork 2
Image: Thomas Waterzooi

Cleverly, some paintings may be partly ripped or destroyed, and players will have to complete a puzzle in order to repair it. While Please Touch the Artwork 2’s Steam Next Fest Demo only gives us a short glimpse, we’ve loved everything we’ve seen so far. There are some great touches, like a saboteur wandering through the paintings, causing chaos in their wake. We have a feeling that they may cause even more trouble for players in the full version of the game.

We don’t have to wait too long for the full version, either: Please Touch the Artwork 2 releases on 19th February. It will include five unique worlds each made up of their own sets of art from James Ensor. Perfect for casual players, the game even includes a helpful hint system that players can use to send them in the right direction. There’s no limit to how many hints can be used so it truly is accessible to players of any skill level.

Please Touch the Artwork

Don’t wait for the sequel: buy Please Touch the Artwork 1 for just £7.19

It’s a very different art style, but the first Please Touch the Artwork offers up the same cosy gameplay that sees you explore works of art. And you don’t have to wait: it’s available now on PC for the price of a couple of cups of coffee.

Perhaps the best part? Please Touch the Artwork 2 is completely free thanks to the support of the Flemish Government. And when we say free, we mean it: no in-game purchases or ads are required to enjoy this short, relaxing experience. The demo may have only lasted around fifteen minutes, but it’s left a lasting impression and we can’t wait to jump in when it releases in full.

Please Touch the Artwork 2 will be available on PC via Steam, Android and iOS, and it will be completely free to play.

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