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PSA: PlayStation Portal is Currently Available at Amazon US

PlayStation Portal

Have you been after a PlayStation Portal so you can play your PS5 (and PS4) games anywhere in the house? It’s great if you have your console connected to the main TV and other people actually want to watch something, or if you just want to have a sneaky go on something in bed. The good news is that they’re currently available to order at their standard retail price via Amazon US – although you might have to wait a bit for it to be delivered.

Simply head on over to Amazon US and you’ll find that the PlayStation Portal is currently available to order directly from the online retailer for just $199.99. It may be full price, but it’s better than paying resellers over $300 for one. The only catch is that it may not be delivered until mid-April.

Still, if you’ve been wanting one, you may as well get in the queue. And if you manage to find one elsewhere in the meantime, you can always cancel the Amazon order with no fuss: it won’t take payment until it’s ready to be shipped.

Just remember that you need a decent(ish) network to make use of the PlayStation Portal. If you set both your PS5 and PlayStation Portal to make use of 5G via your router, however, everything should be fine. Ultimately, the nature of the thing means that you probably aren’t going to want to play challenging games where split-inputs mean the difference between life and death, but for most games the small amount of lag it introduces won’t make any difference at all.

PlayStation Portal

PlayStation Portal is available to order on Amazon

It’s been practically unavailable but the PlayStation Portal is currently available to order on Amazon US for its standard RRP of $199.99. It’s not a discount, but if you’ve been wanting one, now’s a good time. You might have to wait a while for delivery, though.

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