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I’m hooked to Regency Solitaire II, yet another card game to add to my collection

Regency Solitaire II
Image: Grey Alien Games

I’ve always been a fiend for a good game of solitaire. As a kid, on holiday with my parents, I’d happily set myself up at the table with a pack of cards, keeping myself occupied with a game of klondike or clock solitaire. Nowadays, with far too many card games to count available on PC and consoles, I’m spoilt for choice.

But sometimes, you can’t beat a simple game of solitaire. And Regency Solitaire II, giving the game of TriPeaks a regal twist, might be one of the better ones I’ve played.

I’ll be honest: I don’t care for the story. Centring around royalty and the British upper class, it can do one – and the ‘skip’ button atop the screen allows you to send its fancily-dressed cartoon characters away. If you live and breathe the likes of Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, though, have at it. It seems well-told and completely inoffensive: I just have no interest. I’m here for the cards and nothing more.

Regency Solitaire II screenshot
Image: Grey Alien Games

Regency Solitaire II gives you a series of tasks to complete over a set of up to ten games. If you opt for hard difficulty those tasks become mandatory, but if you’re playing on easy mode they’re simply optional. They’ll ask you to get a run of a certain size, for example, or accrue a certain amount of coins, or get a perfect finish on so many games.

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A perfect finish means clearing all the cards on the screen, and with a number of Joker and wild cards in your hand, it’s not too hard to do. Of course, there’s an element of luck: it depends on the placement of cards. But if you’re not going to manage it, you can head into the menu and choose to restart the current hand. No penalties for doing so.

TriPeaks solitaire is one of the easiest there is. Traditionally, cards are dealt in the shape of three peaks, hence its name, but here your cards will be arranged in any number of weird and wonderful patterns. You’ll also have a pile of cards in your hand, turned over one at a time. The goal is to remove the cards in play, and you can remove any card that’s one higher or one lower than the card in your hand.

Regency Solitaire II screenshot
Image: Grey Alien Games

Have a nine in your hand? Then you can remove either a ten or an eight. You can chain your run, too, removing an eight, then a seven, then a six, then a seven, and so on. Doing that really is the key to winning as it’ll allow you to rack up a large score – which in Regency Solitaire II leads to a big multiplier.

There’s a huge amount of gameplay here: more than 160 levels of solitaire to complete, along with dozens of bonus levels. It’s going to keep you entertained for a dozen or more hours and for its asking price of just over a tenner, you can’t really ask for much more. It’s a great little way to waste some time, just like the best card games should be.

Regency Solitaire II is available now on PC.

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