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How to Solve the Chained Door Puzzle in Silent Hill: The Short Message

A girl in glasses, with black hair, in Silent Hill: The Message.
Image: Konami

Find out how to solve the chained door puzzle in Silent Hill: The Message’s final chase sequence, freeing Anita of her nightmare.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is, as the title suggests, fairly short, but this free game is absolutely worth your time. In our Silent Hill: The Short Message review we called it “..a short horror experience that is as good as (or better than) most of its ilk released at a cost.” But if you’re playing its third chapter, you might be wondering how to solve the chained door puzzle in Silent Hill: The Short Message. Here’s how.

The good news is that you’ve got more freedom to roam in this final Chapter 3 chase sequence. The monster is after you, but she’s less aggressive than before. The bad news is that if she catches you once, this whole chase sequence begins again. To escape her cherry blossom clutches, you’ll have to collect five photographs. Each item will take one chain off the chained door and when they’re all gone, you can escape.

The chase starts when you open your room door. But instead of heading towards the Maya monster, turn around and head back through your home, which turns into the otherworld as you pass through. When you hit the fork, always turn left. As with the previous chase, the area are in you’re in loops around. But turning right there will bring you to the still-locked chained door, and with the monster on your heels she’ll probably catch you.

A door with chains around it in Silent Hill: The Short Message.
Image: Konami

Instead, keep running, and watch your phone. Whenever your phone display changes to reveal a photograph, you’re near one. Quickly poke around and grab it. But don’t dally, you can keep coming through again and again. You may hit a dead end with three lockers. If you do and the monster is close, lure her to one side of the lockers and dash round the other.

These are the items you need, though it doesn’t matter what order you collect them in.

  • A photo of a girl (probably Maya) on a brown table, next to an easel
  • A photo of Anita and Amelie, on a small stand with pills on it.
  • A photo of Amelie, on top of a suitcase with a handle.
  • A photograph of one of the girls (probably Amelie) on a brightly-coloured chest of drawers.
  • A photograph of Maya in the middle of the three dead-end lockers.

Collect those and the chase is over, and your phone will show the door opening. The monster will stop pursuing you and grills will drop down to block your path. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just pushing you towards the door. Go through, and you’re just a few interactions away from ending the game. And that’s how to solve the chained door puzzle in Silent Hill: The Short Message.

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