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Two Years On, There’s Still Nothing Like Strange Horticulture — And Now It’s On PlayStation

Strange Horticulture screenshot
Image: Bad Viking/Iceberg Interactive

Originally released on PC back in January 2022, Strange Horticulture was something unique and wonderful. Tasked with running your own mystical flower shop in England’s Lake District, you soon found yourself embroiled in witchcraft, mysterious deaths, mythical beings and who knows what else.

Your only real job, though, is to collect and identify a collection of several dozen plants, each one of them with a unique property. Some might heal various ailments, like skin rashes. Others, though, have darker, more mysterious properties. As you progress through Strange Horticulture, things get more sinister — and you’ll undoubtedly lap up every minute of it.

This is a very puzzle-heavy game and, making it stand out from the crowd, it puts the control fully in your hand as the player. There’s no specific order to solve its puzzles: you can tackle what you want, when you want. You’ll receive letters with various clues, or random locations dropped from a customer. You’ll need to use those clues to visit places on your map of the Lake District, figuring out the right location where you’ll discover either a new plant or a mysterious new piece of information.

Strange Horticulture screenshot
Image: Bad Viking

It all culminates in… well, we won’t tell you exactly how Strange Horticulture ends. In fact, there are multiple endings here, all involving witchcraft, weird summons and god-knows-what else. The choices you make as you play feel subtle, but they all add up to impact how the game ends.

We still haven’t played anything else like Strange Horticulture in the two years since it was released. It’s one of those games we’ve thought of often, and recommended to friends at every opportunity we got. It’s something really special in its uniqueness: yes, its puzzles can be challenging, but figuring something out — even something as straightforward as correctly labelling a plant — feels like a real win.

And now, after two long years, Strange Horticulture is finally available on PlayStation, letting a new legion of players experience this wonderfully strange little game. We’ve ate it up, completing it in a couple of sittings and, being two years since we last played through it, got to enjoy its puzzles as if it was the first time. No, there’s nothing different here from the original release, but it’s been perfectly ported, working like a charm with the PlayStation controller. After all, it’s also available on Switch and Xbox.

So: now it’s available on just about everything, if you haven’t played Strange Horticulture, do yourself a favour. If you’re a fan of puzzles, the macabre and taking control of your own playthrough, you’re going to absolutely love this.

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