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From the Makers of FPS, Documentary Series TerrorBytes Will Delve into the Blood-Spattered Annals of Gaming Horror

Terrorbytes, a documentary about horror. This part of the poster shows a hand holding a bloody joypad.

After exploring the FPS with First Person Shooter: The Definitive FPS Documentary, the team behind it is now tackling video game horror. That’s a pretty broad brief, so we’re glad to hear that TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming is a series rather than a single multi-hour documentary.

Sure, we absolutely love First Person Shooter, calling it “essential viewing if you’re a fan of the genre.” But its four-hour plus runtime might be a little too much for some. So making TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming a five-episode documentary series is a smart move. And, based on the industry figures who’ll be involved, it could be a real eye-opener.

The series will feature a host of interviewees, including Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, Alone in the Dark writer/designer Hubert Chardot, Iron Lung creator Dave Szymanski, Slay the Princess creators Abby and Tony Howard and many, many more. As producer Daniel Richardson explains:

“Horror games as an art form have an uncanny ability to empower players to fight through the darkness and find the light, joy, and catharsis in their twisted tales. With TerrorBytes, we shine a spotlight on some of the titans of this industry and celebrate their deeply important work in this medium.”

Watch the trailer for Terrorbytes below:

We’re eager to see just what revelations the series will uncover. It’s true that, on YouTube, you can’t move for horror game deep dives. But First Person Shooter still managed to dole out new information, from those who lived and breathed those games. So we’ve got our fingers crossed TerrorBytes will deliver.

The episodes’ respective titles are certainly encouraging, revealing that this isn’t just a chronological recount of the genre. The content is linked by theme, with episodes like Enter The Survival Horror, Cursed and Controversial and so on. Night Trap absolutely figures into that last episode, but it also delves into urban legends like Polybius.

When can you get your hands on this documentary series? You’ll have to wait a little while, since the documentary is in its pre-sales stage. TerrorBytes releases in March 2025 but you can pre-order a Blu-ray, digital copy and more right now. And, as a neat bonus, you’ll also get a copy of FPS. So if want to explore horror gaming’s history, head over to the official TerrorBytes website and put your money down.

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