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The New 2024 Edition of the Xsolla Report Delves into the Current State of Gaming and Game Development

Xsolla report 2024

Video game commerce company Xsolla has today released the latest version of their periodic Xsolla Report. Titled The State of Play, Winter 2024 edition, this strategic guide to the gaming and game development community gives insight into current trends and future forecasts.

In the report, Xsolla focuses on the game industry’s evolution over the last five years, as well as taking a look at where video games are heading in the near future. Within The Xsolla Report: State of Play, you can expect to find information on current trends, including the impact of social and casual gaming during the global pandemic.

Chief marketing and growth officer at Xsolla, Berkley Egenes, has said of the report: “As we unveil ‘The State of Play’ Winter 2024 Edition, it’s clear the gaming industry is navigating a transformative era. This report, rich with data and insights, is a testament to our commitment to empowering developers and industry stakeholders. It offers a deep understanding of the market dynamics and emerging trends, crucial for shaping strategies and embracing the future of gaming.”

Within this latest edition of the report, you’ll find contributions from important figures across the games industry. It includes Aisyah Ambok from PlayStation Studios Malaysia and Walter Souto, the head of cloud gaming at AWG, amongst others.

Also featured within the winter 2024 edition of The Xsolla Report: State of Play is a look at the increasing influence of women in gaming. Key interest has been paid to the expansion of their roles within the industry, and how important diversity is.

There’s also a large discussion around funding, a critical area for Xsolla. The company has analysed recent investment trends and has talked about mergers, acquisitions and new, innovative fundraising methods that up-and-coming game developers have been using.

The Xsolla Report: The State of Play winter 2024 edition aims to act as both a comprehensive guide to the gaming industry as well as offering a guided look into the future. It’s written with game developments, industry leaders and stakeholders in mind, giving them the tools and insights to navigate the evolving industry.

If you want to read The Xsolla Report yourself, it’s free to download from https://xsolla.pro/TXR-Winter24.