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Dreamlight Valley Villager of the Month

How to complete Villager of the Month in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about completing the Villager of the Month mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Villager of the Month is a quest you’ll pick up from Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Before you can start it, you need to reach friendship level four with him. If you need help quickly levelling up friendships, read our handy guide. Once you’re at friendship level four, talk to Sulley to begin the mission.

He’ll ask you to chat to three other villagers: Mike, Ursula and Donald. Talking to each villager will essentially start a new quest for each as they all vye to win Sulley’s Villager of the Month competition. Let’s go through what each villager requires.

Villager of the Month: Mike

Mike needs you to plant and harvest some vegetables. You need:

  • 2x carrots (buy from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow)
  • 2x corn (buy from Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach or Eternity Isle)
  • 2x bell peppers (buy from Goofy’s stall in Forest of Valor)

They all take 12 or 15 minutes to grow, so water them then get on with something else for a little bit. Maybe work on Ursula or Donald’s Villager of the Month mission?

Once everything’s grown and harvested, take them to Mike. Hmm, they don’t seem to be quite right, so go and talk to Remy. It turns out he adds Fresh Compost to Mike’s vegetables to make them more… tasteful to his monster palate. You should find some outside the restaurant in Dreamlight Valley.

Now, it’s time to make two bowls of Hodgepodge á la Monstropolis. Each bowl calls for a carrot, corn, bell pepper and compost. Take them to Mike, and you’re done with this part of the Villager of the Month quest.

Villager of the Month: Donald

Donald wants the villagers to think he’s busy picking up trash from the beach. But rather than actually picking it up, he wants you to take pictures of him stood by it.

Head to Dazzle beach, and you’ll find piles of scrap. If you’ve got the mission selected, Donald will be automatically following you. Lead him to one of the piles then pull out your camera with R2 and shoot with square/X. You need to photograph him by three different piles.

When you’ve taken the photos, show them to Donald. Surprise, surprise: he now wants you to remove the trash piles. Use your shovel on all eight of them on the beach. Are you struggling to find them all? We think their placement will be randomised, but remember to check all nooks and crannies — and the little island off the coast.

Once you’ve got them all, return to Donald. He’ll ask you to take a, er, modified photo to Sulley, so go and talk to Sulley. That’s the last part of Donald’s Villager of the Month mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so now onto someone else.

Villager of the Month: Ursula

To win Villager of the Month in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Ursula wants to make an enchantment. A Perfume of the Sea enchantment, specifically. You’ll need to find some ingredients for her:

  • 6x seaweed (gather by fishing in any body of water away from circles)
  • 3x purple hydrangeas (they grow on Dazzle Beach)
  • 6x purple rising penstemons (they grow in Peaceful Meadow)
  • 3x empty vials (crafted with 3x glass, which itself is made from sand and coal)

Once you’ve got everything, craft the enchantment at your crafting bench. You’ll find it in ‘Functional Items’ (no, not Potion & Enchantments… where’s the logic in that?). You need to make three enchantments, and take them to Ursula when you’re done.

Now it’s time to distribute them. Take one enchantment to Merlin, one to Mike and the final one to Goofy. Finally, return to Ursula.

Judging Villager of the Month

Now you’ve done the three sub quests, it’s time to return to Sulley to continue with the main questline for Villager of the Month in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He’s decided on the winner, and it’s not Mike. Unfortunately, it’s your job to break the news to him, so go and talk to him.

Return to Sulley and… surprise! You win Villager of the Month. Aw, shucks. Sulley gives you a plaque, which you need to place somewhere in the village. And then, of course it’s time for a photo opportunity. Take the photo, then talk to Sulley once last time.

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