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An Xbox Series S toaster with a red 'X' over it and the word 'RIP'

Xbox Series S Toaster Review: It Seemed Cool… Then It Broke Within Two Weeks (Updated)

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Update: We originally wrote a rather glowing review for the Xbox Series S toaster, which you can read below. We’d used it for a couple of days, it looked great, and it made toast – with an Xbox logo – that was, well, everything you could expect toast to be. Features like an LED countdown display and a bagel button impressed us, and we were happy with our new toaster.

Well, it’s not even two weeks later, and our Xbox Series S toaster has broken, making all the nice things we had to say about this hunk o’ junk rather null and void. We’ve used it probably less than a dozen times. After toasting a bagel yesterday, it simply went kaput. Now it won’t stay popped down and the element doesn’t heat up. Completely dead.

Our verdict? Buy another toaster. Any other toaster. Yes, this one looks cool, but it’s clearly a very cheaply, poorly made toaster inside a fancy shell.

Original review follows.

Do you love Xbox? Are you partial to a slice of toast every now and then? If so, you might be interested in the latest licensed piece of Xbox hardware: a toaster designed to look just an Xbox Series S.

Available now at selected retailers including Currys in the UK, the Xbox Series S Toaster is a bit of a bargain really. For just £29.99 you get a toaster with a single large slot, allowing you to toast two slices of bread at once (or perhaps one extra-large slice of some fancy artisanal bloomer you’ve picked up). You could also toast bagels or crumpets in it of course. In fact, it’s even got a dedicated bagel button.

Accompanying the bagel button is a defrost button, a cancel button when you want to cut your toasting short, a dial that allows you to choose between six toasting levels, and a lever to spring the toaster into action.

A close-up of the settings on the Xbox Series S toaster
Image: GameSpew

There are two features of the Xbox Series S Toaster in particular that might impress. The first is the fact that it has an LED timer, counting down to when your toast will be done. That’s pretty nifty on a toaster of this price. The second is the fact that the toaster burns the Xbox logo into every slice of toast you make, allowing you to live out your Xbox dreams.

It’s just a shame it does this by simply not toasting the immediate area around the “X”, but it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the delicious toast created once buttered. If you really want the Xbox logo to be prominent, however, you’ll need to have the toasting setting up high.

The toast created by the Xbox Series S toaster being buttered
Image: GameSpew

The Xbox Series S Toaster is a bit bigger than an actual Xbox Series S console, being just over 35cm in length, about 20cm tall and just under 12cm in depth. Weighing around 1.5kg, it feels pretty solid but its outer shell and buttons are made of plastic. Great attention has been put into mimicking the look of a Series S console, down to the toaster even having dimples where the breathable vents are on the console – but that’s all they are, dimples rather than actual holes.

Perhaps the worst thing about the toaster is the length of its power cable; shorter than a metre in length, you best make sure the toaster is located near a power outlet for use.

What more can be said about the Xbox Series S Toaster really, other than it’s a jolly good toaster for £29.99 and that it looks like a giant Xbox Series S? If the idea of that floats your boat, we recommend picking one up.

It would prove particularly useful in someone’s gaming den, sat along an Xbox Series X mini fridge, allowing them to keep themselves fed and hydrated with ease. Or, put it in your proper kitchen, and let it confuse visitors when they come around. Whatever you do, the Xbox Series S Toaster is a fun, functional and inexpensive curio.

Now: Xbox kettle when?

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