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Star Citizen

You Can Play Star Citizen For Free Until 15th February

Ever wanted to dip your ties into the world of Star Citizen to see what it’s like? Now you can do so for free, but you’ll have to be quick: the offer finishes on 15th February, giving you just under a week.

Called the ‘Free Fly’ event, anyone can jump into Star Citizen for a limited period and make use of five ships: the Consolidated Outland Nomad, the Origin Jumpworks 100i, the Origin Jumpworks 400i, RSI Scorpius, and the MISC Prospector. Each one of these ships has something unique to offer, whether it’s advanced fighting capabilities or all you need for a mining operation. It all feeds into what makes Star Citizen so appealing to many: the freedom to play however you want.

So, whether you simply want to explore the skies and make a simple living for yourself via trading, or be competitive and take on others in PvP arenas, perhaps consider taking this opportunity to try Star Citizen for free. If you do try it and want to play it past the free event, there are a currently a number of offers to make use of, too, allowing you to jump into the full game with a number of extras.

If you have a friend that plays, a Red Festival promotional event is also running until 26th February that rewards both players with a free ship and more when signing up with a referral code. Just be aware that Star Citizen is only available on PC. Check out the Star Citizen website for more information on the game.

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