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Your Sims Can Now Have Vitiligo

The Sims 4 Vitiligo
Image: EA

A new update landed in The Sims 4 yesterday, adding Vitiligo to the Create-a-Sim tool. This comes as part of The Sims 4’s commitment to expanding player representation and is the latest addition to skin details which have previously included birthmarks, stretchmarks and scars.

Vitiligo is a condition which affects the colour of skin pigmentation. It’s a harmless condition which will appear differently in every person who has it. It’s caused by a lack of melanin which results in lighter-appearing patches of skin. In some people, it can be minor, with just a few light patches appearing somewhere on their body. In others, it can affect a significant amount of their skin.

So it can accurately represent the condition, Vitiligo in The Sims 4 will appear similarly to how it does in real life. Vitiligo can be added to a character in the Create-a-Sim function and currently, there are 61 different Vitiligo variants to choose from. Patches can be applied to a Sim’s face, torso, arms and legs, and players will have a choice of how prominent they’d like the condition to appear.

If you add a Vitiligo pattern to a sim, you can change, add or remote parts of the pattern at any time by revisiting Create-a-Sim. Any Vitiligo patches will also change as your Sim’s body changes: make them taller or wider, for example, and any pigmentation patches will be affected accordingly.

In bringing this latest update to The Sims 4, EA has partnered with Winnie Harlow, a supermodel and beauty entrepreneur. On the addition of Vitiligo to the game, she says: “As a child, I spent a lot of time playing The Sims and I think it’s so beautiful to be able to represent your true self in-game. This partnership is a powerful statement encouraging players to embrace what makes them unique – both in-game and in real life.”

You can read more about the Vitiligo update by heading to The Sims 4 blog. To get the update in your game, ensure The Sims 4 is updated to the latest version.

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