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Now available on PlayStation, As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama that will have you on the edge of your seat

As Dusk Falls PS5
Image: Int./Night

Released on Xbox and PC in 2022, we rather enjoyed As Dusk Falls by Int./Night. Nearly two years later, it’s now available on PS4 and PS5, too. And for fans of narrative-driven adventure full of drama, there’s a hell of a lot to love.

As Dusk Falls revolves around two families whose fates become intertwined after a robbery gone wrong. The Walkers were on their way to Missouri to start a new life, until a run-in with the Holts forces them to seek shelter at a motel for the night. It’s the very same Holts that then find themselves at that same motel after stealing from the local sheriff, beginning a harrowing sequence of events that will have long-lasting effects on the minors in both groups.

Anyone that has played a story-driven adventure game from the likes of Telltales Games will feel right at home with As Dusk Falls. In fact, this title is even more accessible to all as there’s no actual adventure required. Everything here is driven by menus and quicktime events, so there’s no wandering around environments trying to figure out what to do next.

As Dusk Falls review
Image: Int./Night

What keeps As Dusk Falls so engrossing is the feeling that every choice you make and action you take actually counts. While there are grand actions that can have serious repercussions, such as running for an exit when the opportunity presents itself during a firefight, even a choice such as whether to tease one of your captors or keep your mouth shut can have ramifications. It’s a system that keep you on your toes, and has you agonising over every choice thrown your way.

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Split into two books, you get to witness the impact of the events at the motel when the story picks up years later. It’s a welcome move that gives the story scale, though by the time things do come to a close you might find yourself disappointed by some narrative strands that are left unresolved. It could make you keen to dive back in though, curious as to whether making different choices may lead to the answers that you seek.

As Dusk Falls review
Image: Int./Night

In terms of content, As Dusk Falls is exactly the same on PS4 and PS5 as it is on Xbox consoles and PC. It even still has support for up to eight players, whether local or online, with everyone getting their input on the choices made. Even better, you don’t need lots of controllers; players can download an app on their phones to take part in the fun.

Having spent some time with the PS5 version of As Dusk Falls, we’ve found it performs better than the Xbox Series X did at launch, with zero stutter and brisk loading times. There’s support for DualSense controllers, too, with haptic feedback used to further draw players into some scenes.

If you’re into tense interactive dramas, it really is worth checking As Dusk Falls out. You might find some issues with its story as you make your through its multiple chapters, but it’s ultimately hard to not be impressed by what it achieves.

As Dusk Falls is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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