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How many rounds are in Balatro?

Balatro screenshot
Image: Playstack

Are you wondering how many rounds are in Balatro? Read on to find out what you need to know.

There’s no straightforward answer to how many rounds are in Balatro. Technically, a round is one game played, called a Blind. But Blinds are split into ‘Antes’. And you can skip two out of three Blinds in each ante in order to net various rewards. So it’s a more complicated question than it seems.

To win a game of Balatro, you need to beat eight Antes. In those Antes are three Blinds each, so if you play them all, you’ll have played 24 rounds to win. But you can have skipped a bunch of them: the only Blinds you need to play are the Boss Blinds. So you can technically beat Balatro after only playing eight hands of cards if you wish. You might have your work cut out for you, though.

But once you’ve won a game of Balatro, you can keep playing into endless mode. That means there’s technically unlimited rounds in Balatro, as you’ll simply keep playing until you lose.

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