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The best Disney games you can play right now

Best Disney Games

Who doesn’t love Disney? Come on, admit it. There’s something wholesome and cosy about spending time with Mickey and Minnie, or sinking into any one of the dozens of Disney Classics movies made over the years. But what about Disney games? We’re not talking Marvel or Star Wars; we mean true Disney games starring our favourite Disney characters. We’ve rounded up the best Disney games available on modern consoles and PC right here.

Whether you fancy a spot of fishing with Goofy, racing along a speedway with Mickey or exploring Disneyland as if you were really there, we’ve got something for you. There are sim games, platforming games, metroidvanias and retro classics, so whatever you’re into, we’ve got the Disney game for you.

1. Disney Dreamlight Valley

Monster Movie Night Disney Dreamlight Valley
Screenshot: GameSpew
  • Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC

When it comes to the best Disney games, Dreamlight Valley is undoubtedly top of our list. This is the ultimate cosy simulation game, putting you in charge of the titular Dreamlight Valley. You see, once upon a time, Disney and Pixar characters from a wide range of franchises lived together in harmony, but then a terrible event called The Forgetting made everyone get separated back to their own realms, forgetting Dreamlight Valley ever existed.

Over time, you’ll visit each realm, bringing characters back. There’s everyone from Belle and the Beast to Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc – and plenty more. Developer Gameloft is actively supporting the game, with more and more content being added on a regular basis, too. There are plenty of quests to complete, goals to work towards and lots of busywork like farming and gathering to keep you occupied. A new minigame called Scramblecoin will satisfy those of us who prefer playing strategy games, too.

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2. Disney Illusion Island

Disney Illusion Island
Image: Disney Games
  • Available on Switch

Disney Illusion Island takes classic iterations of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald and places them in their very own, super colourful metroidvania. If you’re a fan of 2D platforming and puzzles, this is a truly lovely game – and you can play it in co-op too. Up to four players can join in, each taking control of one of the four characters and helping each other to succeed.

Like any good metroidvania, you’ll gain new abilities as you progress through the game, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible areas and complete new challenges. And with its beautiful score and gorgeous visuals, it’s easy to believe that this is a brand new Disney cartoon with all your favourite characters. It’s a brand new setting, but it’s easy to imagine it being a new take on a classic.

3. Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm review (1)
Image: Gameloft
  • Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC

How about some racing action with your favourite Disney characters? Made by Gameloft, the same studio behind Disney Dreamlight Valley, Speedstorm again features a range of characters from various Disney properties, but this time puts them on a racetrack to see who can be the fastest.

Each character has their own car, each sporting its own stats. It feels a lot like a traditional kart-racing game, with various power-ups to be collected on the track – but this might be the best-looking kart-racing game we’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And the best part of all? Disney Speedstorm is free to play. That’s right: you can jump in without spending a penny. Sure, there’s additional content to be bought, but there’s plenty to enjoy without ever spending anything.

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4. Disney Afternoon Collection

DIsney Afternoon Collection
Image: Digital Eclipse/Capcom
  • Available on: PS4, Xbox One and PC (Playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S)

If you’re a fan of retro gaming, Disney Afternoon Collection is for you. This collection of four classic games brings together some of the most iconic Disney characters from the 90s. There are six games altogether: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, DuckTales, DuckTales 2, Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin.

If you don’t recall the originals, however, you might find the Disney Afternoon Collection a little tough to get used to. These titles all show their age and aren’t that fun to play for the first time today. But for those who remember playing these titles in their younger days, this is one of the best Disney games you can buy for a hit of nostalgia.

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5. Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure

Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
Image: Asobo Studio/Xbox Game Studios
  • Available on Xbox and PC

Originally an Xbox 360 Kinect game, Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure was reworked back in 2017 to allow it to be played in standard mode. And we’re so glad it was. This colourful, glorious platforming adventure allows players to jump into six different Disney-Pixar worlds, taking control of their favourite characters. There’s Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, Up and The Incredibles, and each franchise has its own short adventure to play through.

This isn’t the longest game in the world: each separate adventure will only take around an hour or less to complete. But it’s an utter joy, moving around familiar locations, solving basic problems and essentially taking part in your own Pixar-themed story. We love it, and it’s just a shame that nothing else similar has been made since.

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6. Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland Adventures
Image: Xbox Game Studios
  • Available on: Xbox and PC

Going to Disneyland isn’t that possible for many of us. It’s far away, and it’s expensive. But it needn’t be: with Disneyland Adventures, available on Xbox consoles and on PC, you can go to Disneyland whenever you want. Just load up the game and you’re there. Yes, that’s essentially what this game is: a virtual Disneyland. You can wander around, interact with the characters and take a ride on a number of the attractions.

There are lots of things to collect, like characters’ autographs, and you can dress up your player character in a range of outfits, purchasable from the many shops dotted around the park. It’s a lot of fun simply wandering around and taking everything in. Maybe not quite as good as actually being there, but we still think this is one of the best Disney games around.

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