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Delicious in Elden Ring is the fan-art crossover we didn’t know we needed

Laios from Delicious in Dungeon sitting on a fallen Elden Ring dragon.
Image: From Software / Delicious in Dungeon Partners

Ever wonder what you’d get if Delicious in Dungeon collided with Elden Ring? Us neither, but one artist is making this mash-up a reality and we just can’t get enough.

If you’re unfamiliar with Delicious in Dungeon, or Dungeon Meshi as it’s also called, it’s an anime series, in turn based on a manga, that’s currently playing on Netflix. It sees a party of adventurers rushing to resurrect a comrade before she’s digested by a dragon. So far, so D&D.

What sets Delicious in Dungeon aside, apart from its humour, is that it’s half cooking show. Lacking supplies, the group end up snacking on monsters, turning them into all manner of delicious and sometimes questionable dishes. Leader Laios is almost worryingly enthusiastic about it, which has led artist Miracide to depict him and his Delicious in Dungeon team munching their way through Elden Ring. And it’s absolutely amazing.

Delicious in Elden Ring isn’t the official title, but between characters munching on dragons and harvesting boluses from Caelid, they’ve created a perfect fusion of the two worlds. We cracked up at Laios drooling as he catches sight of one of Elden Ring’s giant crabs, presumably imagining what delicious dishes fellow adventurer Senshi (voiced by the talented ProZD) could create.

But our favourite in this ongoing fan-art series has to be Laios discovering that Elden Ring’s Living Jars are filled with meat. What kind of meat? Corpses, as fellow adventurer Chilchuck quickly points out. No, Miracide hasn’t made that up, that’s literally part of Elden Ring’s lore. But would that revelation be enough to stop Laios? Or would his fellow adventurers have to violently intervene as he reached for his ladle?

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We’re eagerly anticipating the next installment of this unofficial crossover. You can follow Miracide on Twitter or sign up for their Patreon here. And if you’ve yet to watch Delicious in Dungeon, it’s streaming on Netflix now.

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