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This Earth Defense Force Humble Bundle has huge Helldivers 2 energy

Earth Defence Force 5, with a giant robot punching a Godzilla-style kaiju.

If Helldivers 2 has got you hooked, then you need to snap up this 23-item Earth Defense Force United Humble Bundle. It’s got all the bug-blasting, fist-pumping action you could want, all for just $18.

Starting out life on the PlayStation, the Earth Defense Force games were Helldivers 2 before Helldivers 2 (or even Helldivers 1) was a thing. As one of a legion of bug-battling, Earth-defending warriors, you take on legion after legion of foes, from ants through to giant Kaiju.

And, like Helldivers 2, the EDF series also has mechs, so you can defend Earth by punching Godzilla in the face. It’s less blatantly facist, more B-movie but it’s an absolute blast, especially in split-screen multiplayer. And, thanks to this Earth Defense Force United Humble Bundle you can get five EDF games and 18 add-ons for $18/£14.

So what’s on offer? There are three tiers (77p gets you just EDF 4.1) but here’s everything included in the top tier:

  • EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair
  • Mission Pack 1: Time of the Mutants DLC
  • Mission Pack 2: Extreme Battle DLC
  • Ifrit (Rocket equipped with incendiary bombs!) DLC
  • Blood Storm (Convergent Missile Cannon!) DLC
  • Gleipnir (Super Weapon for Wing Divers!) DLC
  • Spark Lancer (Short Range, Massive Firepower!) DLC
  • BM03 Vegalta Gold (Gold-coated Mech!) DLC
  • Gigantus Tank, Bullet Girls Marking DLC
  • Gigantus Tank, EDF IFPS Markings DLC EDF 2 Heroes Paint Job! DLC
  • Gigantus Tank, Natsuiro HS Markings DLC
  • Reflectron Laser (DLC)
  • Sting Shot (DLC)
  • Volatile Napalm (DLC)
  • Pure Decoy Launcher 5 Pack A [Karia] [Moegi] [Chiri] [Ouka] [Rinrin] DLC
  • Pure Decoy Launcher 5 Pack B [Seira] [Miyabi] [Noko] [Mitsuki] [Anju] DLC
  • Depth Crawler Gold Coat DLC
  • Gigantus DCC-Zero Marking DLC
  • Gigantus DCC-Gogo. Marking DLC

The cream of the crop is undoubtedly Earth Defense Force 5. In our review, we remarked that it offers “..just hours upon hours of insane and utterly ridiculous third-person shooting to be had, with action RPG sensibilities that will keep you going back for more time and time again.” But Earth Defense Force 4.1 is no slouch either. Yes, there’s a touch of jank here, with ant corpses bouncing into the air, but that’s half its appeal.

Humble Bundle's Earth Defense Force bundle.

Get four Earth Defense Force games for just $18/£14

Want to mow down the alien hordes, either solo or split-screen? Then snap up this fantastic Earth Defense Force bundle, with more bug blasting action than you can shake Helldivers 2 at.

And, as well as protecting the earth from the alien hordes, you’ll also be supporting charity. A portion of your purchase price (the sliders let you determine how much) will also go to ocean-preservation charity Oceana. So head over to Humble to do your duty and defend the Earth.

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