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Games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5

The Best Games Like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5

Gotta catch ’em all! Except… if you’re playing on a PlayStation console, catching those Pokémon is quite difficult due to the fact Pokémon is a Nintendo-only franchise. Fear not though, because there’s a wide selection of games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5, and we’re here to go through the very best of them.

Classic Pokémon games focus on three key elements: a story, the thrill of exploring the world around you, and of course capturing and collecting as many monsters as possible. We’ve selected five games that all focus on those three core elements. Some may do it in a slightly different fashion than Pokémon, but we’ve tried and tested each one and can confirm they’re just as good – if not better – than the real thing.

So, without further ado, read on to see our picks of the best games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5.

1. Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary screenshot
Image: Team17

Monster Sanctuary is not only one of the best games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5, it’s also one of the best metroidvania games we’ve played in recent years. Made by Moi Rai Games and published by Team 17, Monster Sanctuary is essentially a side-scrolling metroidvania game with Pokémon style elements. And it’s a combination that’s something rather special indeed. Just like you are in Pokémon, you’ll spend your time in Monster Sanctuary being assisted by monsters. And when you head into battle, it’s these monsters who you’ll be fighting.

Those fights are pretty tough, however, and you’ll have to be more strategically-minded than you would be with Pokémon if you want to come out on top. They’re fun, though, and winning really does feel like an achievement. It’s perhaps exploring the world that we love most here, though: Monster Sanctuary’s interconnected world is a joy to wander around, and you’ll have a great time gathering new abilities in order to reach new areas.

So: if you want something like Pokémon to play on PlayStation and you also happen to be a fan of metroidvanias, this is absolutely the game for you.

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2. Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction
Image: PQube/VEWO Interactive Inc.

Nexomon: Extinction was something of a surprise hit for us when it launched on PS4 back in September 2020. Nearly four years on and we still love this Pokémon-like adventure. It’s set in a gorgeous top-down 2D world which truly captures the essence of classic Pokémon games. Exploring the world is a real joy thanks to its vibrant, colourful art style.

But of course, the art style is not the reason why we play. This is so heavily inspired by Pokémon, in fact, that it runs the risk of being derivative. But when it’s this fun to play, does it really matter? Nexomon: Extinction has taken all the best bits of Pokémon and has turned them into something new – although it still manages to have room for plenty of its own magic. As you’d expect from one of the best games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5, you’ll spend your time collecting monsters, training them, fighting, and evolving them into new species. There’s even a guild for you to ascend the ranks of, and an excellent story to get embroiled in. What’s not to love?

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3. Monster Crown

Monster Crown

Pokémon for grown-ups: that’s how we’d describe Monster Crown. It’s a pixelated adventure that feels very much like the old-school Pokémon games of the Game Boy era, but it has a much darker tone. Within minutes you’re getting called a “little sh*t”, for instance. That just wouldn’t fly in a Pokémon game, now would it? Here, there’s no shying away from swear words and dark topics.

But just like Pokémon, Monster Crown puts a monster by your side who’ll help you fight off threads. As you fight, you can choose to tame various other monsters to add to your party, and each one has their own individual strengths and weaknesses. You’ll want a varied party to be able to successfully fight everyone, then. Sound familiar?

It’s not all cookie-cutter, though. Monster Crown sets itself apart with a neat crossbreeding feature. By breeding some of the 200 monster types in the game, you can make something new, resulting in over 1,200 individual species. If you want to catch ’em all, then, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.

4. Temtem

Image: Crema/Humble Games

TemTem takes the Pokémon concept and makes it massively multiplayer. This huge open-world MMO is perhaps the most modern-looking of all the games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5: it boasts 3D visuals, brilliant character models and a huge range of monster designs. And even though you’ll be playing alongside lots of other players, the goal remains similar: catch monsters, train them, and battle against other monster tamers.

With six varied islands to explore in TemTem, there’s a lot to see and do. There’s a huge range of monsters to collect, plenty of world to explore, and a story to follow through to completion. You can play by yourself or team up with a friend in co-op — the choice is yours. However you play, you’ll be able to buy and decorate a house, customise your character and more. If you like the idea of a modern Pokémon-style game you can play with your friends, then, this might just be it.

5. World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy
Image: Square Enix

A Final Fantasy game? In a list of best games like Pokémon on PS4 and PS5? Yes! Hear us out. It may seem like an odd choice, but World of Final Fantasy isn’t your typical Final Fantasy game. This series spin-off combines characters from all across the long-running RPG series to create something completely new. And at the heart of it is a ‘Mirage’ system. Mirages are little creatures which can be caught in battle, and trained to fight alongside you. Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so too.

Mirage creatures are, frankly, adorable. And while some of them are unique to World of Final Fantasy, some of them are based on popular creatures from the Final Fantasy franchise at large, like Chocobos and Cactuars. Of course, there’s more to World of Final Fantasy than simply collecting and training monsters, but it’s enough of a focus to be a selling point for anyone looking for a Pokémon-like experience on PlayStation. It comes highly recommended from us, anyway.

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