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Get nine old school Saints Row/Red Faction games for just $10

An image of a Saints Row / Red Faction Humble Bundle
Image: Humble Bundle

Not a fan of the recent Saints Row reboot? Want some old school Volition action? Thanks to this Humble Bundle, you can get nine Saints Row / Red Faction PC games, all for a measly $10/£8.

Saints Row began life as a GTA-a-like but grew into its own ridiculous series, culminating in an expansion pack that had one of the game’s stars fighting the devil. No, really. That was after the Saints broke out of a VR prison and defeated an alien overlord. Let’s see Trevor Philips pull that one off, eh?

The bundle also includes several Red Faction games, which have you shooting, driving and exploding your way around Mars. What does it have to do with Saints Row? Volition, that’s what. Deep Silver Volition, who have sadly been shuttered after the disappointing performance of the Saints Row reboot, were behind both franchises. And while we’re probably never getting a new Red Faction, blasting holes in the scenery (via the game’s GeoMod technology) never gets old.

So, what do you get for your $10? Here’s everything included in the top tier:

Yes, Saints Row: The Third is in there both as the original and remastered, but we’re not going to grumble. The original Saints Row is notable by its absence, but that was an Xbox 360 exclusive. That said, if we had to pick a favourite it’d be Saints Row 2, with its gloriously amoral protagonist. We’ve been craving a remaster for years, but it’s never materialised. But Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is pretty spectacular too and was, until the arrival of Spider-Man, the best PC superhero game around.

An image of a Saints Row / Red Faction Humble Bundle

Nab nine Saints Row and Red Faction games for just $10

Volition may have closed its doors but this bundle will let you get your hands on their finest franchises, Red Faction and Saints Row. Fight your way across Mars, take on the devil or blast your way out of VR, it’s up to you.

Your purchase will benefit mental health charity Active Minds, especially if you tweak the donation slider to give them a bigger cut. Though there’s a little disclaimer on the site explaining that Active Minds are grateful for the support, but they didn’t choose the titles. Let’s face it, the Saints Row games are not known for their sensitive approach to dispute resolution.

So, head over to Humble Bundle and pick up the Saints Row / Red Faction or “Plaion The Hits” bundle now.

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