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Govee Neon Rope Light 2 on a wall.

Govee Neon Rope Light 2 review: A creative way to light up your gaming setup

It’s a scientific fact that you can’t have too many LEDs in your gaming zone. That’s why we’re typing this on a glowing LED chair, with a RGBIC-lit monitor and desk rope light. But what if you want to go further? That’s where the bendable wonder that is the Govee Neon Rope Light 2 comes in.

Govee’s Neon Rope Light 2 is multi-segment RGBIC light that, available in three-metre or five-metre lengths, can be bent into all sorts of shapes, from a dolphin to a rocket, to a wiggly line. Okay, that last one was our initial effort because as impressive as this piece of kit is, it takes a little bit of getting used to. At first we were afraid it was going to snap like a glowstick, but we quickly discovered that was a non-issue.

You can mount the lights how you see fit, whether that’s sticking them to the wall, screwing them in or, in our case, attaching them to the same hooks we used for the Govee curtain lights. We’d recommend fixing them permanently once you’ve settled on a shape. But while you’re still experimenting, it’s a good idea to hold off on that.

Govee Neon Rope Light 2 in the shape of a whale
Image: Govee

So what can you make with the Govee Lights? Govee provides plenty of examples and, thanks to the enclosed corner clips, you can bend them to your heart’s content. On our fifth attempt, we got as far as a wonky dolphin, but our ultimate goal is something along the lines of Fallout’s Vault Boy. Or, at least, his famous thumbs up pose.

“A joy to use and customise”

There is one snag, however, and it’s that it’s a little tricky to connect the rope to itself. You can sort-of do this with the bendable corner clips, but we found creating loops a little bit tricky. Ideally we’d have liked a sturdier way of attaching the rope to itself, maybe with stronger clips. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’d have made things a tad easier.

Once you’ve got your lights up, you can go absolutely wild with the lighting effects, thanks to Govee’s app. You can use Govee’s shape recognition to light up specific segments, create your own patterns from scratch, sync it to music (how about creating your own on-wall equalizer?) and much, much more.

An interesting feature is the app’s AI tool, which turns any image into a moving light pattern. It’s not as mind-blowing as you might think, but the patterns definitely suggested the images we put in. And if you’re not up to making your own patterns there are community-created ones to download.

“One of the most powerful pieces of lighting kit we’ve seen, packed with features and flexibility”

Thanks to Govee’s Matter compatibility, it works with Alexa and Google and other devices. It’s just basic control, nothing on the scale of the app itself, which has its own voice bot. But we enjoyed being able to change colour with an Alexa command. As cool as the lights are in motion, however, we got the biggest kick out of keeping the light still, so it resembled a neon shop sign. For one brief second, we thought about knocking on our own front door and ordering chips.

Priced at £99.99/$99.99, the Govee Neon Rope Light 2 isn’t the cheapest way of lighting up a gaming area. But it’s one of the most powerful pieces of lighting kit we’ve seen, packed with features and flexibility. It’s a joy to use and customise and while Vault Boy still eludes us, it’s definitely earned a permanent place on our gaming room wall.

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Govee Neon Rope Light 2, in the shape of a flame over a PC setup.

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