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Helldivers 2 screenshot

Helldivers 2 update adds planetary hazards and some balance

If you thought missions in Helldivers 2 couldn’t get more intense, its latest update will prove you wrong. Not only do you have enemies to worry about, but now also the environment, too.

Planetary hazards have been added to the game, making missions more dynamic and fraught with danger than ever before. You might encounter a fire tornado, for example, or get caught in a meteor shower. Basically, just keep your eyes peeled and be more aware of your surroundings, as there are a whole host of planetary hazards for you to watch out for.

While planetary hazards are undoubtedly the highlight of the latest Helldivers 2 update, there are some other changes, too. When undertaking Eradicate missions, for example, players will now find that they need to kill more enemies, and that enemies spawn faster. It’s expected that these missions will now take around two times longer to complete as a result of this.

A number of weapons have also had their parameters tweaked in the name of balance. And some stratagems have been tweaked, such as Orbital Barrages now having an increased duration but a narrower spread.

You can find the full patch notes over on Steam, which also includes a list of bug fixes and known issues that still remain. Otherwise, you can just jump into the game and discover the changes for yourself; the update is live now on both PS5 and PC.

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