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Here’s everything Nintendo announced for Mario Day

A picture of Mario with the words Mario Day above him.

Did you miss out on Mario Day? We’ve got a round-up of everything Nintendo announced for this solemn, yearly event. And while we didn’t get Super Mario Odyssey 2, there were a few things you might have missed.

Yes, Mario Day – Mar10. Geddit? Sadly, March 11th is not Wario day, though we’re giving serious thought to starting a petition. Surprisingly, while they did tag Mario Day in the Tweet, Nintendo announced Lego Mario Kart on March 9th, rather than waiting for the 10th. Maybe they figured they wanted to keep the day free for game-specific news.

Whatever the reason, here’s a round of up of Nintendo’s Mario Day reveals. And while none of them were truly ground-shaking, we still got more in the way of news than on Mass Effect’s N7 day.

  • The Super Mario Bros Movie is getting a sequel, releasing April 3rd 2026. It’ll have the same director and writer as the first one and, presumably, all if not most of the cast. Nintendo has teased that it’ll be expanding Mario’s world, so there’s the possibility of a crossover or two.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, a remaster of the original 3DS game, will be released this June 27th 2024.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, another remaster, arrives a couple of months earlier, on May 23rd 2024.
  • And, tomorrow, March 12th, Dr. Mario, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis (all Game Boy or Game Boy Color titles) join Nintendo Switch Online.

Official announcements aside, Twitter, Reddit and so on were awash with Mario fan-art, most of which was safe for work. While it was technically a repost from last year, we got a kick out of this piece which renders Mario and Luigi in the style of Cuphead.

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So even while we didn’t get Super Mario Odyssey 2 announced (maybe it’s being saved for the Switch 2), between this and 2025’s Lego Mario Kart, there’s something for Mario fans to look forward.

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