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How many combinations and items are there in Infinite Craft?

Items in Infinite Craft, in small text boxes.
Screenshot: GameSpew

Infinite Craft has taken the internet by storm, to the point that clones have started popping up. But the original is still the best and if you’ve been playing this browser game you might be wondering, how many combinations and items are there in Infinite Craft?

The short answer is that there are over 200,000 different combinations in Infinite Craft. How do we know? We’ve not been going through Infinite Craft’s bins, instead, the ever-helpful Infinite Craft Solver has helped us come up with the answer. ICS maintains a record of items made in Infinite Craft and it’s creator has made its raw data available.

After going through the data, as extracted from ICS, the number of items and combinations in Infinite Craft is as follows:

  • 205,627 combinations/recipes
  • 12,494 items

Why are there so many combinations and, relatively, so few items? Because there are many, many, many ways to make the same item. For example, there are 2,254 combinations that make up Animal.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, as we’ve previously discovered, some of these items seem like made-up words or phrases. Combine Yoshi with Fog and you get Dirty Yoshi. That sounds like something you could be arrested for, but we’ve checked Urban Dictionary and it’s not in there. There is a song called “Dirty Yoshi” by Abstrakt Cirkus, so either Infinite Craft harvested the name from there, or it just combined the two using its on AI moon-logic.

The way Infinite Craft works is that if a combination doesn’t exist it creates it, so those numbers will be going up all the time. And the total number of potential creations is, theorically, as infinite at the game’s name suggests. But right now, the answer to how many combinations and items are there in Infinite Craft is that there are over 200,000 combinations and 12,000+ items.

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