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How to heal in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma II
Image: Capcom

Find out how to heal in Dragon’s Dogma 2, allowing you to stay in the fight for longer.

Combat plays a huge role in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and so as you travel here, there and everywhere completing quests and simply exploring, you’re going to get into a lot of fights. The truth is, no matter how skilled you are, you’re going to get hit and times. And so at some point you’re going to want to top up your health by healing. But how do you heal in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Have a mage in your party

You have multiple options when it comes to healing in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but the first is a doozy: always have a mage in your party. The mage vocation has healing spells available as standard, and so if you have a mage in your party they’ll generally keep your health topped up of their own accord. Simply look for the glowing green aura that they sometimes summon and make sure you pass through it. And if you’re playing as a mage you can cast healing spells yourself, such as Anodyne and Argent Tonic.

Make use of consumables

You shouldn’t always rely on a mage to heal you in Dragon’s Dogma 2, however. If you don’t have a mage in your party, or they’re simply unable to heal you, you can make use of items instead. Gathered items such as fruit can be consumed to recover a small bit health, but instead it’s better to combine items to create Salubrious Draughts and various Roborants. These can then be used to restore various amounts of health. You can even quick use these by holding the left shoulder button during play and pressing either up or down on the d-pad to consume the item displayed. Salubrious Draughts and Roborants can be purchased from shops, too.

Visit an inn or set up a camp

You will notice, though, that you can only heal so much via healing spells and consumables. As you move from battle to battle, a portion of your health bar at the bottom of the screen will turn black. To restore this bit of your health, you need to either rest at an inn, set up and rest at a campfire, or use a rare Allheal Elixir. So, when it comes to your health bar, the green bit is your current health, the grey bit is health that can be restored, and the black bit is health that cannot be restored without having a proper rest.

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