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How to play South Park: Snow Day with friends

South Park: Snow Day screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

Do you need some help in setting up a multiplayer game in South Park: Snow Day with your friends? Here’s what you need to know.

We all know that a game enjoyed with friends is generally more fun than it is alone. That’s definitely true of South Park: Snow Day. With real people — even better, friends — in your team, you’re far more likely to succeed, and have more fun while beating each level too. And the best news of all? If you’re wondering how to play with friends in South Park: Snow Day, it’s super easy to set up.

First, go to the war table in Kupa Keep. That’s the central point of your home base: just look for Cartman dressed as a wizard. He’s rather hard to miss. Press down to interact with the war table. From there, press the touchpad on PS5 (or the ‘view’ button on an Xbox controller) to bring up the Matchmaking menu.

In the Matchmaking menu, you have three options: join a random match, find a friend or create your own match. If you simply want to play with strangers, the join a random match option will be best. But if you want to play with a specific group of people, head to ‘Host Game’

In the next menu that comes up, choose whether you want your game to be public or friends only. Then, hit ‘Begin Hosting’. That’s it: you’ve now created your own instance of a game. Next is to invite your friends.

That same menu will allow you to see your friends list, and by clicking on each friend you’ll find the option to invite them into your current game. That’s all there is to playing South Park: Snow Day with friends — have fun!

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