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Manic Mechanics screenshot

Out now on PlayStation and Xbox, Manic Mechanics is one of our favourite co-op party games

In the vein of Overcooked and Moving Out, Manic Mechanics asks you to work with up to four friends in a chaotic situation. Forget food or furniture, though: this time, you’re a mechanic, tasked with fixing up cars. You’ll need to pump up tyres, tune engines, repaint doors and spoilers and more. Working together and racing against the clock to fix up as many cars as possible might sound a little dull, but in practice it’s anything but.

Yeah, we didn’t know being a mechanic could be so exhilarating either, but here we are. In our Switch review of Manic Mechanics, we said “It’s colourful, it’s humorous, and it’s easy to pick up and play – basically, it ticks all the boxes of a solid co-operative party game”. We stand by that. It might be aping the formula laid out so well by the likes of Overcooked, but it does it so very well. And now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, it plays even better than ever.

It’s exactly the same game that we got on Switch back in summer 2023. But of course, with higher graphical fidelity it looks better than ever before. The small garage environments of each level are colourful and well-designed, and zapping around them is a joy.

You can tackle Manic Mechanics on your own, but it’s with other players that it really shines. By yourself, fixing up cars soon becomes repetitive and boring. But with up to three friends helping you out, the simple gameplay comes into its own. You’ll need to work together and communicate – “I’ll grab a wheel, you take an engine!” – to ensure you’re acting as a team and to get as many cars done before the timer runs out.

Things start out fairly simple, with every car requiring the same repairs, so you can have a pretty efficient production line going. But later on, you’ll be given different requirements — and with more obstacles thrown into the mix you’ll need to keep your wits about you.

Whether you’re looking for something the whole family can play together – it’s simple enough for kids to get to grips with – or a party game to play with friends, you could do a lot worse than Manic Mechanics. We’ve had a lot of fun with it, and now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, more people than ever can get in on the car-flavoured chaos.

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