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Yeeha Games and MixMarvel strengthen their strategic partnership at GDC 2024

Following the announcement of their partnership last year, MixMarvel and Yeeha Games have furthered their alliance at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). During the conference, the companies highlighted the strengths of their new partnerships as well as the strides they’ve been making in the Web3 gaming space.

The alliance of MixMarvel and Yeeha Games

MixMarvel and Yeeha Games’ partnership began during 2023’s Web3 Gaming Summit. Their initial goal was to work together to move blockchain gaming forward. With MixMarvel having innovative game development experience, and Yeeha Games having very capable tools, it was a coalition that made sense.

The blockchain-powered MMORPG, MetaCene, is a great example of MixMarvel and Yeeha’s partnership. Using MixMarvel SDK, an integrated eco-solution, MetaCene managed to facilitate more than 170,000 on-chain transactions just in its second Alpha test. MixMarvel SDK is a primary asset management tool, acting as a login portal, interactive wallet and marketplace all in one. Yeeha Games has also been instrumental in growing MetaCene, featuring the game on its Game Vault and Quest Platform.

The future of the partnership

MixMarvel is one of Asia’s leading blockchain content publishers, and has been able to fast-track the growth of multiple Web3 projects with great potential. Yeeha Games’ interactive entertainment platform has collaborated with over 300 projects worldwide. And together, they’re a powerful force. Their appearance at GDC 2024 cemented their strategic partnership, making them a force to be reckoned with in the Web3 space.

On the partnership, MixMarvel’s founder and CEO, Jade Zhang, said, “MixMarvel and Yeeha share the unwavering commitment to provide an inclusive and immersive gaming experience for mass players. We aim to redefine the standard of gaming publication and become the one-stop solution for the rising stars of Web3 gaming from Day 1. We are excited to lead the expansion and evolution of the Web3 gaming ecosystem and reach new heights together.”

Going forward, the companies are hoping to aggregate their networks of resources, making use of MixMarvel’s consultancy services and Yeeha’s distribution platform. The ultimate goal is to become the “leading powerhouse” for Web3 projects.

The next chapterĀ 

MixMarvel and Yeeha Games’ strategic collaboration is well-placed to see groundbreaking advancements in the Web3 gaming space. The companies have not revealed anything specific about their upcoming projects yet, but anticipation grows about what’s coming next.

Their initiative hopes to bridge the gap between traditional AAA gaming and Web3, and in the coming months the gaming community will hopefully get to see how that might begin to take shape.