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New Evercade hardware is coming later this year

The Evercade Roadmap 2024
Image: Evercade

Evercade has just revealed its roadmap for the rest of 2024, and there’s something very exciting coming up later this year: not one but four new hardware releases. Colour us intrigued.

Of the four “new hardware options”, as Evercade calls them, two will be released in July and two will be released in November. We expect each drop to be something different, then, but it could simply be two different colourways each time, so not necessarily four separate pieces of hardware.

More than that, Evercade has not released any further information: details will be released “in the coming months”, so we’ll just have to sit and wait.

Along with the upcoming hardware, Evercade has no less than 10 more cartridge collections coming before the end of the year. The first of which are Sunsoft Collection 2 and Piko Collection 4, which land on 30th April. The rest, dropping in July, September, November and December, will be revealed in due course.

If you’re not familiar with Evercade, it’s a gaming system dedicated to retro classics. Available as a handheld (Evercade EXP) or home console (Evercade VS), you can play Evercade’s exclusive selection of cartridges, each one bundling up a selection of retro classics (and sometimes new, retro-inspired titles). There’ve been over 50 cartridges so far, and more still to come.

We’ll be pondering over the next few weeks, trying to figure out what Evercade’s new hardware could be. Will we see something else similar to the Super Pocket, perhaps new consoles with built-in games from different publishers? Or will it be an updated home console? The EXP still feels fairly fresh, released in late 2022, but the VS has been around since 2021.

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