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Not Tonight 2, a road-trip Papers Please, opens its doors on Nintendo Switch

Four university-age characters standing in front of a pixellated bar in Not Tonight 2.
Image: No More Robots

Not Tonight 2, a satirical, Papers Please-style road trip through MAGA America, is making its way onto Nintendo Switch next week. It hit PC back in 2021, but it’s absolutely the wait and, with the upcoming US elections, has again become worryingly relevant.

Sure, the game doesn’t specifically namecheck America’s orangest president, but it nails the atmosphere of a post-Trump America. It casts you as three friends who hit the road to rescue a fourth from ICE-style detention. However, they’re seriously lacking in funds which is where the game’s core document checking mechanic comes in.

A sequel to the British Brexit-based original, you take on a series of bouncer jobs, barring underage drinkers and the like. At least, that’s the way things start out. As you might imagine, other factors – immigration status included – come into play, putting you into some seriously suspect situations.

And even when racism doesn’t rear its ugly head, some of the entry requirements are just plain silly. Forget just looking at people’s tickets, one bar has musical tickets that you’ve got to listen to. If the tune doesn’t match, you’re not coming in. There’s even a level where you’re inspecting chickens’ IDs. No, we’re not making this up.

We gave No Tonight 2 an 8 out of 10 in our review, concluding that we “..won’t soon forget the sheer joy of arriving at an absurd new location, frantically trying to wrap (our) mind around the gloriously off-the-wall entry requirements, and the silly, smug satisfaction of doing a good job.” In short, if you’ve never played Not Tonight 2, you absolutely need to snap it up.

Not Tonight 2 hits Nintendo Switch this Wednesday March 27th, with an RRP at $19.99/£15.49. But, thanks to a launch discount, you can get it for £11.61/$14.99. So what are you waiting for? Those chickens aren’t going to check themselves.

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