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Resident Evil 2 remake goes old-school with a new fixed camera mod

Resident Evil 2, the remake, with the game viewed from a fixed camera angle.
Image: Capcom

The Resident Evil 2 remake is absolutely superb, but do you ever miss the original’s fixed camera angles? If the answer’s yes, you’ll be happy to hear there’s a mod that adds fixed cameras. And even if you’re cool with the Resi 2 remake as is, it’s still a fun new way to experience this survival horror outing.

Out now (and available on Nexus Mods), the “RE2R Classic” mod doesn’t downgrade the graphics, although the game already has the Classic Leon model built in. Instead, it pins the camera to the scenery, so that instead of an over-the-shoulder view, you watch Claire and Leon from a distance. Cross a camera boundary and the view switches to another camera.

If you’ve never played the original Resident Evil trilogy, you might find this a little disconcerting. But to old-school Resi fans, it’ll be like going home. You can watch the mod in action below, thanks to Residence of Evil, and it’s pretty impressive. Creator alphaZomega seems to have put some real thought into where the cameras sit, meaning you won’t be bamboozled by blind spots.

This Resident Evil 2 fixed camera mod should dial up the fear factor a little too. As with the original, the lack of an over-the-shoulder view makes it easier for enemies to sneak up on you. But, unlike old-school Resi 2, enemies can open doors. So even if you’re temporarily safe, you could find yourself with some unwanted company. It’s probably a good idea to keep an eye out.

Impressive as it is, it’s also a sad reminder that the original Resident Evil 2 isn’t readily available to download. Here’s hoping Capcom comes to their sense and announces the Resident Evil Classic Trilogy.

This PC-only mod can be downloaded here, though you’ll need an extra tool or two to install it. And if you’ve yet to pick up the PC version of the remake, Resident Evil 2 is on sale at the Humble Store.

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