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Resident Evil 4 meets Police Squad in this fantastic video mash-up

Frank Drebin from Police Squad shooting away in Resident Evil 4 while Ashley is kidnapped in the background.
Image: Capcom / eli_handle_b.wav

Sorry, Leon, the President no longer requires your services. Police Squad’s Frank Drebin has stepped up as Resident Evil 4’s lead and we’ve never seen a better fit. We’re pretty sure Ashley will get used to it, too. Eventually.

What are we talking about? It’s the latest video mash-up from YouTube wizard eli_handle_b․wav. They’ve taken Police Squad/The Naked Gun’s Frank Drebin and transplanted him into Resident Evil 4. Drebin’s deadpan delivery and occasional obliviousness is the perfect complement to Resi 4’s high-stakes horror, right down to him blasting away as Ashley is kidnapped in the background.

Let’s face it, as awesome as the Resident Evil 4 remake is, it’s missing a little of the humour that made the original such a treat. Leslie Neilsen’s Frank Drebin puts that humour right back in, so much so we wish this was an actual mod. Whether it’s yelling at Krauser that he can’t hear him over the gunfire, or telling Ada Wong that he faked every orgasm, we defy you to watch this with a straight face.

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You can watch this brilliant Resident Evil 4 / Police Squad mash-up above and check out the rest of eli_handle_b.wav’s work on their YouTube channel. If you love the late Leslie Nielsen as much as we do, this Detroit: Become Human video is a must watch. Though, if we had to pick a favourite, it’d be The Office’s Michael Scott in Mass Effect 3. Forget red blue, and green, this is the ending we deserved.

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