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How to sell cards in Balatro

Balatro Jokers screenshot
Image: Playstack

Are you wondering how to sell cards in Balatro? Here’s everything you need to know about thinning your deck and topping up your money.

Let’s start with the bad news: not every type of card can be sold in Balatro. You can sell Jokers, and unused Planet and Tarot cards. But if you want to sell your standard deck of cards in Balatro: sorry, you can’t. There are ways to get rid of them, though, which we’ll get into.

To sell your Joker, Planet and Tarot cards at the top of your screen in Balatro is easy. Simply move your cursor over them, or select them with your controller, and you’ll see an option to sell. The card will vanish, and its value will be added to your bank balance. Easy! Of course, if you’ve already used a Tarot card or Planet card, it’s gone: you can’t undo its power or sell it.

But when it comes to your standard deck, you can’t simply filter out cards by choosing to sell them. You’re stuck with them, unless you find a Tarot or Spectral card that lets you get rid of them. Some cards will let you destroy a selection of cards, or randomly get rid of some in return of a perk, like a number of better cards.

While you can’t choose to sell cards at whim, there is a Spectral card that will let you get rid of a certain amount of cards in exchange for $20. That’s the only way that you can exchange your standard cards for money. And if you’re simply wanting to thin down your deck? We suggest grabbing as many Tarot packs as possible and hoping you get the option to destroy certain cards.

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