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Shadow of the Depth looks like a roguelike Diablo, and we’re here for it

Shadow of the Depth
Image: ChillyRoom

Do you want a new roguelike game to obsess over and spend all your time with? Well, of course you do. Landing in early access on 23rd April is Shadow of the Depth. It’s just landed on our radar and, looking like a mash-up of Diablo and Hades, we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Heading into early access on 23rd April, Shadow of the Depth scratches the itch of many action RPGs, providing skill-based combat bolstered by frequent ability upgrades and new skills to keep your moveset fluid and varied. With several different characters to choose from, you can opt to wield a sword and shield if you’d prefer, or if a bow-wielding ranged character is more your speed, that’s an option too. There’s also a magic-based character and a quick-footed dagger-wielder.

Being a roguelike, the dungeons you find yourself in here are randomly-generated, but we’re digging the hand-painted art style. It’s dark, it’s murky, and it absolutely reeks of Diablo. We love it.

Watch the trailer for Shadow of the Depth below:

If you need any more convincing, there’s a free demo available for Shadow of the Depth on Steam. We’ve taken it for a quick spin and it’s left us hungry for more. Taking control of your character feels meaningful and robust: perhaps it’s not quite as fast-paced as some ARPGs, but your movements are measured and purposeful. You’ll need to mean it every time you hit, every time you dodge.

Like Diablo, you’ll amass various skills as you play, each assigned to different buttons. But being a roguelike, these will be lost when you die, each new time you jump in offering up new skills. Keeping things interesting, you’ll also find some combos in the mix: hitting your main attack button in just the right pattern, for example, might do a special attack. It’s a nice little twist.

Find out more about Shadow of the Depth on its Steam page, and be sure to keep an eye out for it launching into early access on 23rd April. Move over, Balatro, we might have a new favourite roguelike on our hands soon.

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