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How to save your game in South Park: Snow Day

South Park: Snow Day screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

Wondering how to save your game in South Park: Snow Day? Here’s what you need to know — even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Yeah, we’ve got bad news: you can’t actually save your game in South Park: Snow Day. Try as you might, there’s no “save” option in the menu. Perhaps even more irritatingly, there’s not even a “quit” option, taking you back to the game’s main menu. All you can do is quit the game back to your console or PC’s desktop. And in doing so, you’ll be left with the niggling worry of whether your game has actually saved or not.

You shouldn’t worry, though. South Park: Snow Day has an autosave system, so whenever you’re in your home base of Kupa Keep, you can freely quit the game and know your progress won’t be lost. Phew.

However, you can’t quit the game half-way through a match. Your progress won’t be saved. There’s not even a checkpoint system in place here, so if for some reason you leave the game while playing through one of Snow Day’s five levels, you’ll need to start again from scratch. That’s the way multiplayer-focused games go, we guess, as annoying as it may be.

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