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Tekken 8 could finally be getting a Waffle House stage

A character from Tekken 8 standing in front of a Waffle House
Image: Bandai Namco / Waffle House

There’s a push to get a Waffle House stage added to Tekken 8 and it’s now one step closer to happening. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has not only acknowledged this fan demand, he’s on board to approach the American restaurant chain.

No, we’re absolutely not making this up, it’s not an early April Fool’s joke, at least not on our part. And unless Harada has a time machine in his basement, it’s not April 1st for him either. “The restaurant has both the trademark and the rights to the restaurant, so if the restaurant chain’s headquarters refuses to accept my proposal, it will not happen,” he tweeted, suggesting that such a proposal is, at least, likely to happen.

That tweet came after Tekken 8 players explained just why they wanted Waffle House added to the game. If you’re not stateside you may still be scratching your head, but this American restaurant chain is, apparently, known for becoming a bit of a battleground. Granted, that might not be the kind of publicity Waffle House wants, but product placement is product placement.

We’d love to see this happen, for this slice of Americana to be shoehorned into the game as a fighting stage. Even if Waffle House says no, some fans have cheekily suggested putting in some kind of knock off. Pancake Hut, Crêpe Cabin, that sort of thing. We’ve never been to Waffle House in our life but we’ve absolutely got our fingers crossed.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to talk to WB Games about putting a Wimpy’s in Multiversus.

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