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No Man's Sky on Nintendo Switch, with a player building a strange structure.

The Best Games Like Minecraft on Switch

Are you a Switch-owning Minecraft player who’s looking for to move on to something a little different? Maybe you’ve played Minecraft to death and you’re getting sick of Creepers? Or maybe you want to see what other crafting games are out there? That’s why we’ve gone and rounded up the best games like Minecraft on Nintendo Switch.

From the tried and tested Terraria to more recent entries such as My Time at Sandrock, there’s plenty to choose from. You can even sore into space with No Man’s Sky though that’s a time sink you may never ever come back from. So, if you’re after the best games like Minecraft on Switch, feast your eyes on these.

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Terraria best survival games on Xbox Series X/S
Image: Re-Logic

Is Terraria a 2D Minecraft? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. From the pixel art through to the worrying realization that you’ve only got two directions to flee in, this is an absolute treat for would-be builders.

And, like Minecraft, you can customise the world to your heart’s content. Throw in a crossover or two, plus many, many foes to deal with and you’ve got a game that is a joy to build in.

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Lego Fortnite

It’s Lego! It’s Fortnite! It’s Lego.. in Fortnite! Which, given how popular the two are, absolutely makes sense. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, building your own little villages is a blast. Blasting them to bits is also a blast but, don’t worry, you’ll have to give people permission to mess with your island, you won’t come back to find it’s a ruin if you’re playing solo. It’s not quite as complex, in terms of building, as Minecraft but if you’re a sucker for those plastic bricks you’ll find plenty of fun here.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Can you save the world in Dragon Quest Builders 2? Absolutely. Do you need to? Not at all, you can build and build and build to your hearts content. As we said in our review, “it gives you the power to be the creative builder you’ve always wanted to be”. Coupled with all the usual Dragon’s Quest trappings, slimes included, you won’t regret diving into this weird and wonderful world.

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Humble Sale

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At launch, No Man’s Sky was not much of a Minecraft-a-like. But by the time it hit the Nintendo Switch, four years after release, it was – and still is – the space-based build-em-up you always wanted. Forget roaming around a single map, you can harvest whole worlds, craft towering bases, show them off to other people.

Heck, you can even abandon your creation and start anew in a different galaxy, it’s up to you. Just be warned, those Sentinel robots don’t take kindly to you strip-mining planets. Can’t think why.

My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, an NPC

Stardew Valley is great, and it’s made several of our ‘best of’ lists, but My Time at Sandrock dials up the challenge by asking you to revitalise a desert town. There aren’t any sandworms, but there are monsters to slay, buildings to craft and villagers to befriend.

If you loved My Time at Portia, the previous entry in the series, you’ll know what to expect. But newcomers will also find this Minecraft-a-like a complete delight.

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