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The best roguelike games on PS Plus Extra

Best roguelike games on PS Plus Extra

Want a game where you potter leisurely from A to B, murdering the odd monster? Then roguelike games are not for you. This genre is all about replaying ever-changing levels, often tackling ridiculous odds, getting that little bit better each time. And if you’ve got a PS Plus Extra subscription, there’s a whole host to choose from. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best roguelike games on PS Plus Extra.

But while Rogue, the game that ultimately spawned the roguelike genre, was a dungeon crawler, there’s so much more to the genre now. Casting a critical eye over the PS Plus Extra catalogue, we’ve uncovered golfing roguelikes, space-based ones and much, much more. So if you’re ready for the fight of your life, here are the best roguelike games on PS Plus Extra.

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1. Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf
Image: Thunderful Publishing

Cursed to Golf isn’t, surprisingly, about pummelling things to death with a golf club (insert your own The Last of Us Part II “joke” here). Instead, it’s all about pulling off amazing shots and out-golfing spooky bosses. You can purchase upgrades but your own skill is always a big factor and while it’s not your average roguelike, it’s a joy to play and one of the best on PS Plus Extra.

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2. Enter the Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon Feature
Image: Dodge Roll/Devolver Digital

Guns, not gunge, awaits you in Enter the Gungeon, a roguelike that’s packed to the gills with ranged weapons. Some of these gun-based treasures are a delight to wield, others will have you wishing you’d brought a Nerf pistol instead — but that’s just the luck of the draw. It’s no push-over but it’s one of the finest roguelikes out there.

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3. Everspace

Everspace screenshot
Image: Rockfish

A roguelike? In space? Why not? After all, if you’ve watched any of the Star Wars movies you’ll know it feels like Tie Fighters are just spawning in out of nowhere. Everspace’s combat is nothing short of awesome, but it’s not all about the shooting: there’s resource management aplenty. Running out of fuel is almost a big a problem as being blown up. But Everspace is such a rush that death won’t discourage you for long.

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4. Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2
Image: Cellar Door Games

Rogue Legacy 2 is a roguelike with a difference, one that doesn’t involve adding golf balls or spaceships. It’s a treat for fans of side-on slashers, particularly if you’ve got fond memories of old-school Castlevania. But its coolest feature is the way that if you expire, your progeny will take over. They’ll have their own traits which can both help and hinder, partly depending on your play strategy. For example, you could end up with a pacifist character who refuses to attack enemies. That might sound like a dead end, but half the fun is figuring out how to work with these traits.

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5. Dead Cells

Dead Cells 1
Image: Motion Twin

Speaking of Castlevania, Dead Cells was so well received that Konami trusted its developers to put out their own Castlevania DLC. That’s not included in the base PS Plus Extra game, but this title, which we said was “a joy to play because of its fluidity and the range of combat options available”, has to be experienced. It will kick your bottom, a lot, but you’ll keep on coming back for more.

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6. Returnal

Image: Housemarque

Unlike Rogue Legacy 2, Returnal’s Selene doesn’t have any children to take up the reigns in this roguelike third-person shooter. Instead, due to some sci-fi shenanigans, she’s experiencing her own personal Groundhog Day.

It boasts top-tier combat, a riveting story and a difficulty curve that, while occasionally frustrating, never has you hitting a brick wall. The icing on the cake is the enemy design, foes who look wonderfully otherworldly. And the boss fights? Let’s just say you’ll be squeezing every last drop out of those wonderful weapon upgrades.

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