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Three Fields Entertainment is still working hard on Wreckreation

Image: Three Fields Entertainment

Remember Wreckreation? It was announced at Gamescom back in August 2022, and it’s the next project from Three Fields Entertainment. Alas, after its announcement over 18 months ago, we haven’t heard a jot. Until today. The studio is alive and well, and work on Wreckreation is ticking along.

Three Fields Entertainment is made up of ex-Criterion devs — you know, the studio once responsible for the legendary Burnout series. Three Fields’ entire catalogue to date has been about recreating the joy of Burnout under different guises: it started with Dangerous Golf, Burnout but with golf balls, and then the most recent was Dangerous Driving which, well, was very Burnout.

That released in 2019, and we’ve not heard much from Three Fields Entertainment since. Wreckreation was originally announced in 2020 as Dangerous Driving 2, but was rebranded in 2022 when a new publisher — THQ Nordic — was announced. Until that point, much of Three Fields’ catalogue had been self-published.

According to the game’s official Twitter account, THQ Nordic is still the publisher, but with no activity on the account since August 2022, who knows if that’s still accurate.

Wreckreation is set to be an open world game where players can race and build tracks, creating over-the-top, unrealistic twisty-turny roads to speed down. And of course, there’s an element of Burnout in there too – the name Wreckreaction sort-of gives that away, doesn’t it – where you’ll be pulling off stunt crashes, near misses and all that fun stuff.

When it was originally announced, Wreckreation sounded like it could be a lot of fun. We’re still looking forward to seeing more, whenever that will be, but we’re glad that Three Fields are still working on it at the very least.

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